• Christine Patton
15 episodes
UNSTOPPABLE YOU! needs to be heard because everyone has the potential and capability to be all that they can be in this lifetime. Every show will investigate how Empowerment, Resilience and Passion can bring about transformational shifts in perception and capability to bring about the business success of your dreams. What you want wants you! I have noticed a pattern in my life: when I step out and make a move that Empowers me, and I create Resilience around the challenges present, I have always become Passionate about my life and what I am creating. I believe that if everyone embraced their life as a gift and a journey of empowerment, resilience and passion, the world would be an entirely different place for all of us. UNSTOPPABLE YOU! with Christine Patton. Join me to discover lasting strategies in empowerment, resilience, and passion, to conquer the game of business.


Turning the Corner in 2021
2021 Jan 211h
Is there hope? Here we are at the turn of the times - 2020 to 2021.
Resilience, Passion and Financial Feminism
2021 Jan 141h
Judy Fairburn, co- CEO of The51, is here to share her experience as she left her busy corporate gig behind to find her passion and fulfillment in serving the financial feminist movement.
Phoenix Rising
2021 Jan 071h
Meet Paul S. Rogers - lawyer turned kite surfer instructor turned teacher, turned speaker, coach and inspiration for others. Imagine having everything taken from you, and then rising in life, like the phoenix from the ashes.
Encore Eureka! Nuggets of Wisdom from the Barbecue Oracle
2020 Dec 311h
As I consulted with the Barbecue Oracle about my upcoming radio debut, I discovered transformational patterns that had been guiding my life - unbeknownst to me!
Encore The Heart Based World of HeartMath
2020 Dec 241h
Welcome to the wonderful world of heart based living with the leading resilience organization known as The HeartMath Institute! How blessed we are to have the President and co-CEO of HeartMath, Deborah Rozman, to give us an intimate view of where the HeartMath vision was borne, the mission, what the organization does to assist the world, where they are going and how you can get involved!
Vision - Defining Your Future
2020 Dec 171h
Where are you going with your business? Defining your future informs who you need to become. In other words, if you want more water, you need a bigger cup.
Thriving in the 21st Century
2020 Dec 101h
Humans are meaning makers and we are meant to thrive.
The Optimist Who Carries a Raincoat
2020 Dec 031h
Join me for a conversation with Andre Brosseau, a successful business owner, who has learned the value of staying positive while life runs amok.
Encore Kindness - The Secret to Vitality
2020 Nov 261h
Kindness is the force which facilitates the optimal functioning of our bodies. In its fundamental form, kindness is not an ideal or an act but a state of being, hence the terminology “be kind”.
Being a Heart Centered Entrepreneur
2020 Nov 191h
With a wealth of knowledge and a blazing track record in sales, entrepreneurship and helping companies scale their businesses, Brooks has embraced a heart centered approach in his coaching.