Above Average with Seth and Colby
  • Seth Burdick & Colby Buser
2 episodes
Could this be the best podcast you have ever listened to? Maybe. Maybe not. However, this is by far the most entertaining and intriguing podcast you will listen to. Seth Burdick and Colby Buser will talk about sports and pop culture and everything in between. We hope you follow us along on this journey. Thanks for listening!


Episode 2: Jordan Gatz Joins the Show
2020 Sep 211h 1m 47s
The Above Average podcast goes into the second episode with plenty of sports to talk about after a historic upset by the Nuggets over the Clippers. Star guest, Jordan Gatz, joins the show to talk about what is near and dear to his heart. All of this and more on our new episode.
Episode 1: Week 1 of the NFL
2020 Sep 141h 3m 19s
Come join us on the greatest show of all time. For the first time ever Seth Burdick and Colby Buser go on the air to talk about the world of sports on and off the field. We go down the rabbit holes that the other podcasts don't want to go down. We advise listeners that this is an 18+ podcast.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.