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As RPCVs, we rarely have a chance to tell our full tale to any one person; as people want to know “how Peace Corps was” in a 3-minute nutshell. Thus, this podcast is a place where RPCVs can talk about service around the world!


Ep. 14 Gladys's Tale - Guatemala '16 - '18
2021 Mar 2744m 10s
Come listen with us to Gladys's tales about living with her host sister, the children's camp she helped create, and how she balanced a long distance relationship.
Ep. 13 Manyi's Tale - Uganda '18 - '20
2021 Mar 1252m 38s
Come listen with us as we chat with Manyi about her time in Uganda!
Ep. 12 Kimberly's Tale - Guyana '19 - '20
2021 Feb 2644m 57s
Come listen with us as Kimberly talks about her time relaxing in hammocks, bonding with her students, and just enjoying her time in the Caribbean country of Guyana.
Ep. 11 Jessica's Tale - Moldova '19-'20
2021 Feb 121h 10m
Come laugh with us as we chat with Jessica about her service in Moldova!
Ep. 10 - Milestone #1!
2021 Jan 271h 8m 13s
Whooo we made it to number 10 hahah!!! Every 10th episode we agreed to chat a little bit more about a few questions or experiences that we had during our service. For this episode, join us in chatting about how our integration back to home went, what are largest challenges were during service, and how we felt about our safety while in Madagascar. Thank you for listening. Find other episode show notes at peacecorpstalespodcast.weebly.com or join us on social media at PCTalesPodcast
Ep. 9 Jeffery's Tale - South Africa '16 - '18
2021 Jan 2042m 14s
Jeffrey Walsh served in Maphoitsile, South Africa from 2016 to 2018 as an education volunteer. He learned Tswana, one of the 12 dominant languages in the country. His life of service has allowed him to be sworn-in at least 6 times from 1990 to 2020. (Army enlistment, Army reenlistment, Army National Guard, Peace Corps, Americorps and FEMA). His service was filled with unique and special moments and opportunities including the moment he received the name of Tebogo which means gratitude. Hope you have fun listening to his tale like we did! Show notes are on peacecorpstalespodcast.weebly.com
Ep. 8 Michelle's Tale - Ecuador '19 - '20
2021 Jan 131h 19m 5s
Come listen with us as we chat with Michelle and her experience being evacuated early due to the covid-19 pandemic. Laugh with us as we talk about coffee, the little moments, and using your stipend creatively! Show notes and a picture are at peacecorpstalespodcast.weebly.com
See Ya in the New Year!
2020 Dec 2436s
Hi Everyone, due to the holiday season, PC Tales will be taking a short two week break and will be back to our usual show time of every Wednesday starting the first week of the new year. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!
Ep. 7 Jesse's Tale - Morocco '07-'09
2020 Dec 191h 3m 14s
Over ten years ago, Jesse Bailey packed his bags, flew over the Atlantic  ocean and landed in Morocco where he spent the next 27 months as a  health volunteer. The cultural and history richness of this African  country is reflected not only on its breathtaking landscapes and  beautiful people, but also on the languages spoken and currencies used.  Jesse learned his local Berber dialect, Tamazight, as well as survival  Arabic and some French in order to get around and be able to communicate  whenever he traveled. Come have fun with Salena and Karol as they chat  and listen to Jesse's Tales!
Ep. 6 Elena's Tale - Dominican Republic '05 - '07
2020 Dec 0932m 45s
Come listen to Elena's tale about her time in Dominican Republic and how this experience has helped her in her current career endeavors! Be shocked with us as we listen to to a terrifying motorcycle story and laugh with us as we listen to her reminiscing about her host family and her favorite food!