Episode 16: Elijah's Fiery Departure, Elisha's First Miracle, and the Compassion of Christ
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A review of our messages from July 18th, 2020.


Episode 19: A Baldman, Bears, and Distractions
2020 Sep 2922m 22s
In this episode we see a bald man, bears, and distractions. I hope you enjoy this look at 2 Kings 4 and Mark 9.
Podcast Episode 18: Elisha Heals the Waters and the Transfiguration
2020 Sep 1719m 47s
Podcast Episode 18: In this episode, we take a look at a miracle of healing by Elisha in 2 Kings 2 and the Transfiguration in Mark 9!
Episode 16: Elijah's Fiery Departure, Elisha's First Miracle, and the Compassion of Christ
2020 Sep 1717m 41s
A quick review of our sermons from July 18th, 2020.
Episode 17: The Way of the Disciple
2020 Aug 1812m 21s
This week we only have one message to review. Sunday morning we learned about the way of the disciple in Mark 8:31-38.
Episode 15: Elijah's Farewell and Jesus' Continued Ministry to the Gentiles.
2020 Jul 2319m 22s
In 2 Kings 2 we journey with Elijah and Elisha on their final trip and get one step closer to Elisha beginning his role as prophet.
Episode 14: Elisha's Courage and Jesus' Ministry to Gentiles
2020 Jul 1320m 42s
When Elijah called Elisha, times were difficult for any follower of Jehovah, but especially for a prophet. We consider Elisha's courage and the courage we need to demonstrate. In Mark 7 we follow Jesus into a Gentile-dominated area and learn from a Syro-Phoenician woman.
Episode 13: The Christians Calling and Traditions
2020 Jul 0519m 35s
In this episode, we consider the call of Elisha and compare it to the call of God on each believer. We'll also review our message from Sunday evening based on Mark 7:1-24. We'll consider the danger of traditionalism, but the benefit of Bible-based traditions.
Episode 12 - Elisha (Part 1) and the Gospel According to Mark (Part 25)
2020 Jun 2231m 34s
In this epispde we review our two messages from this week.   In the morning we restarted a series of messages walking through the life of Elisha. We read from 1 Kings 19 and our focus was on character and the grace of God which forms it.   In the evening we were in Mark 10:45 and looked at the example of Jesus in serving others and His primary reason for coming - to save sinners.
Episode 11: Mark #21 & Elijah #8
2019 Oct 1521m 39s
Mark #21 - As we continue thorough the life of Christ in the Gospel of Mark we come to chapter 6. Jesus returns to His home town of Nazareth. We are confronted with the possibilities of belief, but also the danger of refusing to believer.
Episode 10: Mark #20 & Elijah #7
2019 Sep 2922m 20s
Sunday Morning September 15th: