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Shining a Diamond Light on Engineering with Peter Docker
2020 May 1915m 18s
It’s not just the scientists at Diamond who are intent on using the best tools and techniques from around the world to push research forwards. Today’s guest, Diamond engineer Dr. Pete Docker, is a “technological talent scout” who is always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things.
Shining a Diamond Light on "GDA" with Chris Kelley
2020 May 1218m 11s
Science can be complicated, and no place demonstrates that more so than Diamond. There are sensors of every kind imaginable at our facility, and scientists need a way to record the right information at the right time to understand the results of their experiments.
Shining a Light on Moon Rocks with Matt Pankhurst
2020 May 0516m 15s
This week’s episode features plenty of excitement, with lava, space, helicopters and lots and lots of rocks! We speak to the fascinating Dr Matt Pankhurst, a volcanologist and geologist who has been to Diamond many times, working on new ways to look at rocks in a whole new light. Matt has studied rocks from all over the world and further beyond, including some which were retrieved from the surface of the Moon by the Apollo astronauts!
Shining a Diamond Light on Alzheimer's Disease with Karen Marchall
2020 Apr 2815m 23s
Today we are talking with Karen Marshall, who has been coming to Diamond to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease. The tools available at Diamond have enabled her to take a closer look at how specific molecules, called amyloids, form in conditions similar to the brain!
Shining a Light on Data Analysis with Andrew McCluskey
2020 Apr 2119m 7s
Today we are talking with Andrew McCluskey, who works at Diamond to help scientists understand the results of their experiments. He used to be a white coat wearing chemist, before turning his hand to coding. Andrew is now part of our data analysis team, which is vital for world changing science!
Shining a Diamond Light on Synchrotrons with Toby Murcott
2020 Apr 1413m 58s
Diamond Light Source is one of the most complicated scientific facilities on Earth. A synchrotron is used to push the boundaries of human knowledge, giving scientists a view of the world at the smallest possible level.
Shining a Diamond Light on World Changing Science with Tim Guite and Molly Fry
2020 Apr 091m 33s
Shining a Diamond Light is the new podcast from Diamond Light Source – a synchrotron which attracts researchers from all over the world. If you’re not sure what a synchrotron is, don’t worry! Before we dive into the details, we will bring you an introductory episode to help you understand what Diamond Light Source is and what it does. We will be talking with some of the amazing people, who work here on world leading science. Alzheimer’s research, rocks from the moon, and floating tomato ketchup all get a mention so you don’t want to miss it!
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