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Five close friends kickin' it talking about everything from sports, to pop culture, to life experiences.

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Episode 22| "I Got You"
2021 Apr 061h 57m 51s
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Episode 21| "Explore Page"
2021 Mar 301h 37m 1s
On this episode: For the last week of “Women’s Month” we welcome our friend Dr. Patty G.
Episode 20| "Phil's Canceled"
2021 Mar 231h 55m 53s
On this episode: We welcome Zac’s little sister, Zayit. She reflects on her traumatic experience of living in Pennsylvania (04:10)
Episode 19| "Airplane Mode"
2021 Mar 161h 50m 28s
On this episode: We welcome our flight attendant friend Alexia who gives us the inside scoop on air travel (08:03)
Episode 18|"Risk vs. Reward"
2021 Mar 091h 34m 31s
On this episode: We welcome Phil’s beautiful girlfriend Dani to the episode, who sits in for Luke and Zac
Episode 17| "Curly Headed F#%&"
2021 Mar 021h 52m 26s
On this episode: We welcome Zac’s beautiful fiancé, Tatiana who replace Brandon and Luke who were out.
Episode 16| "Barking & Ranting"
2021 Feb 231h 50m 4s
On this episode: We kick it off with debating worst ways to die. Then Phil shares how his martial arts classes have been going (09:47)
Episode 15| "Florida vs. Everybody"
2021 Feb 161h 59m 2s
On this episode: We kick it off with discussing how Phil is a Karen and his trip to DC (03:50). We also discuss Florida not being lockdown and how we’ve handled Covid (04:30)
Episode 14| "The Experience"
2021 Feb 091h 20m 21s
On this episode: We kick it off with explaining how Luke ruined Brandon's surprise birthday.
Episode 13| "Read A Book Challenge"
2021 Feb 021h 19m 50s
Happy Birthday Brandon!