• Blackened Death Podcast
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BDP 090 - The Pope Reviews... For the Fallen by Memoriam
2017 Apr 306m 33s
The Pope reviews the debut LP by Birmingham's death metal tyrants Memoriam.
Blackened Death Podcast 089 - Every Death Album
2017 Apr 0243m 59s
Metal, video games, wrestling, and mental health pave the way to our main event... A dissection of every Death album.
Blackened Death Podcast 088 - Total Audio Desaster
2017 Mar 2621m 7s
I have absolutely nothing planned for this podcast. It is sure to end well.
BDP 087 - The Pope Reviews... Harsh Core by CDR
2017 Mar 225m 40s
Does what it says on the tin.
BDP 086 - The Pope Reviews... None So Vile by Cryptopsy
2017 Mar 207m 16s
Hey guys it's None So Vile.
BDP 085 - The Pope Reviews De Doden Hebben Het Goed I and II by Wiegedood
2017 Mar 125m 57s
The Pope reviews some underground Belgian black metal.
BDP 084 - Three Years in a Row
2017 Mar 0526m 57s
Despite adversity, your downtrodden Pope is here to stay.
BDP 083 - The Pope reviews Rrrrrr by Reizoko Cj
2017 Mar 016m 22s
A man who barely knows what breakcore is reviews breakcore.
BDP 082 - The Pope Reviews... Atonement by Immolation
2017 Feb 275m 52s
On this episode of the Blackened Death Podcast, the Pope reviews... that huge new Immolation album.
BDP 081 - "Księżyc milczy luty"
2017 Feb 124m 54s
The Pope Reviews... "Księżyc milczy luty" by Furia.