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Gil and Gene, a married couple, are in their fifties and dreaming of the future. They have many ideas of how they will fill their retirement days. They just don't know where in the world they will spend them. Join them each week as they explore a new potential retirement location. On each podcast, Gil and Gene chat with retirees who describe life in their adopted city. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and/or follow us!Email: Twitter: @RetireThere_ Instagram:


Retiring in Tavira, Portugal
2021 Apr 021h 9m 50s
Ken and Bina Cline enjoy hiking and travel immensely. They searched for a retirement location to serve as a launchpad for travel to other parts of Europe and beyond. They landed in Tavira, a fishing town with a year-round comfortable climate in a southern region of Portugal known as the Algarve. It is no wonder that Tavira has become a popular retirement destination for Americans and even more so for Europeans. The couple consider themselves “global nomads” — living mostly outside the U.S. — since 2015. Learn more about Tavira on episode 26 of Retire There with Gil and Gene. Ken has authored three travel books:Sauntering to Santiago: The Camino de Santiago for Slow Walkers (2019), which is about a 200-mile walk which Ken and Bina undertook in 2018 from Porto, Portugal, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Tracking the Queen of Sheba: A Travel Memoir of Yemen (2016), tells of Ken’s adventures accompanying an archaeological expedition to the wilds of eastern Yemen in 1984. Village on the Nile: A Travel Memoir of Upper Egypt (2017), describes Ken’s experiences living in an Egyptian village in 1983. Bina blogs of the couple’s adventures in “Two Clines Traveling” at For people beginning research on Portugal as a place to live, the Clines recommend as a good place to start. Julie is an English expat who has lived many years in Portugal and provides excellent information for expats and casual travelers alike. A go-to source for Americans wishing to seek residency in Portugal is a Facebook page called “Americans & FriendsPT.” The Clines consider this a “gold mine” of information about applying for a residency visa and other important documents. They used it extensively in working through all the paperwork required. The Clines suggest that once someone has definitely committed to Portugal, they also might consider Amy Kraushaar’s This is a fee-based site that features webinars about living in Portugal and navigating the ins and outs of buying a house, dealing with paying taxes, using the healthcare system, best places to live, and more.
Retiring in Stuart, Florida
2021 Mar 2843m 38s
Are you looking for a less congested town with year-round warmth and wonderful restaurants? Look no further than Stuart, Florida, known as “The Sailfish Capital of the World.” Our guest, Diane Gusch was not seeking to retire in Florida, but once she found the quaint town of Stuart, she couldn’t think of living anywhere else. This, the 25th episode of Retire There with Gil and Gene, was released on March 27, 2021, their 25th wedding anniversary! Do you believe in destiny?
Retiring in Medellin, Colombia
2021 Mar 211h 20m 32s
Steve and Paulette Tuggle liked the idea of retiring in Latin America, but they weren't sure where. They decided to use the “try it, if you don’t absolutely love it, move on'' technique. Consequently, during a 5 year span, they lived in Honduras, Panama and Ecuador, before falling in love with Colombia. The Tuggles believe retiring comfortably on social security is possible if you retire outside of the USA. Find out more about the Tuggle’s journey to Medellin, Colombia, on episode 24 of Retire There with Gilen and Gene. To read Steve’s article about retiring in Medellin, visit: Retired in Medellin, Colombia For Steve’s website, Retire Outside the USA, go to: Check out Grace Church, the English speaking Christian church, in Medellin: These are some of Steve’s YouTube videos: Will the Trend to Retire Outside North America Continue Retire Outside USA for Personal Safety Healthcare in Medellin Columbia
Retiring in Sarasota, Florida
2021 Mar 141h 4m 16s
Sarasota, Florida was named the best place to retire in 2021 by US News & World Report and Sarasota’s Siesta Key Beach was named the best beach in America in 2020 by TripAdvisor Lisa van Sand and Everett Harlow agree! Although the couple relocated to Sarasota to be closer to family, they soon discovered why the area receives so many accolades. Everett builds custom guitars. His company is called Eth3 Guitars. To learn more about Everett’s guitars, go to To find out about Everett’s work managing properties for Key Concierge, go to
Retiring in Lambertville, NJ
2021 Mar 0636m 52s
Would you like to live in a walkable small town with a variety of restaurants, antique shops and art galleries? Lambertville, New Jersey has all that, plus it’s a hop and a skip to New Hope, Pennsylvania, another small town with more restaurants, antique shops and art galleries. In addition to being in the midst of amenities, Lambertville is just steps from nature. On days when you are looking for more action, Lambertville is about a 50 minute drive to Philadelphia, 90 minutes to New York City, 30 minutes to Princeton, NJ, an hour to the Belmar, NJ beaches and an hour and a half from skiing at Blue Mountain Resort. On episode 22 of Retire There with Gil and Gene, learn what drew Kathy and Matt KcEntee to Lambertville!
Retiring in San Jose, Costa Rica
2021 Feb 271h 31m 46s
Rob and Jeni Evans happily retired early but faced a dilemma - their jobs did not pay for health insurance after retirement and they were too young to qualify for Medicare. Health insurance would have cost the couple $24,000 per year. As a solution, they decided to rid their 30+ years of possessions and move to another country. They whittled down everything they owned to 10 suitcases and relocated to Costa Rica. The Evanses analogize Costa Rica to Disneyland and they have no regrets! Rob contends there are three stages of retirement: (1) Go-Go, when you’re in your 60s; Slow-Go is the 70s; and No-Go? You guessed it, you’re now in your 80s and beyond. Something tells us the Evans will never slow down! On episode 21 of Retire There with Gil and Gene, Rob and Jeni share everything you would want to know and more from their exciting journey to Costa Rica! Read about Rob as The Bus Ninja of Costa Rica in this 2017 article: The Bus Ninja of Costa Rica - Costa Rica Star News Rob’s popular Costa Rica by Bus Facebook page is available at: Rob has written a number of articles on retiring in Costa Rica, including Our Costa Rica Cost of Living. For residency information, contact ARCR at and Outlier Legal Services at Recommended Reading by Jeni: Happier Than A Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica and Living the Zero Hour Work Week by Nadine Hays Pisani. She tells wonderfully hilarious stories about moving to Costa Rica. She has also written sequels, some with practical information worth exploring. Costa Rica Chica: Retiring Early, Simplifying my Life, & Realizing that Less is Best by Jen Beck Seymour. Seymour documents how they chose to move to CR, how they adapted, and what they learned about living there. Jeni noted, “One thing we only touched on in our (podcast Retire There with Gil and Gene) conversation that she covers in this book is what to do about all those photos you have. She also has a cookbook that covers food shopping and adapting her recipes to what is readily available.” Costa Rica Curious: Redefining the American Dream by Greg Seymour and Living in and Visiting Costa Rica: 100 Tips, Tricks, Traps and Facts by Greg Seymour Greg is quite funny, like Nadine (Hays Pisani), and he writes about how he and his wife went about getting ready to move and how they budgeted. Says Jeni, “Their story has some in common with ours, but they have some significant differences as well. He tells you what to expect in everyday situations that you might not imagine to be so different.”
Retiring in Marietta, Georgia
2021 Feb 2034m 21s
Larry and Margaret Waage became empty nesters in the Fall of 2017. Living in Southington, Connecticut, they wanted to move somewhere with warmer weather, a lower cost of living, including lower taxes and a short distance from a city with suitable employment opportunities before their retirement. After researching various venues, they narrowed in on a select few. When Margaret set her eyes on Marietta, Georgia’s iconic fountain on Marietta Square, the decision was made! Soon after, the Waage’s relocated to Marietta. Find out more about Marietta, on this episode of Retire There with Gil and Gene. For more about Margaret’s photography, visit: To learn more about the Marietta Square Fountain, check out:
Retiring in Chelem, Yucatan, Mexico
2021 Feb 131h 13m 4s
Can you afford a beautiful waterfront home with a pool? Rob Teichman and Roy Bickford sought to retire comfortably in such a place. They landed in Chelem, Mexico, a small fishing village on a barrier Island on the Gulf of Mexico. Although they reside in a small village, the larger town of Progreso is a mere 6 miles away and the vibrant city of Merida is only 32 miles away. Rob and Roy purchased a large home and turned it into a beautiful bed and breakfast. On this episode of Retire There with Gil and Gene, find out how you may retire in a home with stunning waterfront views without being a multi-millionaire. Check out Rob and Roy’s bed and breakfast, Bears En La Playa, at And they have 5-Star reviews on TripAdvisor:
Retiring in Cary-Apex, North Carolina
2021 Feb 061h 5m 48s
After working in Washington, DC, for the federal government for 30 years, Herb Walker decided to retire elsewhere. He wanted a place with a small town feel, near a city, and within a several hours drive to his mother in DC. Although he had hesitations about moving to the South, Herb ended up landing on the border of Cary and Apex, North Carolina. After arriving, Herb soon learned that his new neighborhood offered friendly people, plenty of outdoor activities, and affordable housing. He should have known better, as CARY is known as the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees, and the Apex town motto is The Peak of Good Living. With Herb’s vibrant personality, one would be surprised that he worried whether he would make friends in this new town. On this episode of Retire There with Gil and Gene, listen to Herb as he takes us through his thoughtful, inspirational, and unconventional decision to move to Cary-Apex, North Carolina. For prospective retirees, Herb recommends reading - in advance - How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won't Get from Your Financial Advisor, by Ernie J. Zelinsky, which offers inspirational advice on how to enjoy life to its fullest. Our favorite Herb-quote is “Life begins at 50, so when you are 60, you’re 10 years old!” Whatever you were doing at 10 is what you should be doing now! Lesson learned? Many, but one of the most memorable that Herb notes is don’t retire and relocate simultaneously, those are two very distinct actions - when taken together can be overwhelming.
Retiring in Mount Airy, North Carolina
2021 Jan 3032m 14s
Have you ever fantasized about living in a quaint little town like Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show? Mount Airy, North Carolina, is the birthplace of Andy Griffith and the place he, purportedly, modeled Mayberry after. These days, Mount Airy celebrates the fictionalized city with an annual weekend celebration called “Mayberry Days,” a barber shop named Floyd’s, a 2,500 square foot Andy Griffith museum and Griffith’s real childhood home. It wasn’t the memories of Mayberry which made Mark and Kathleen Sternberg retire to Mount Airy, but they fell in love with its small town charm and friendly residents. Find out more about the Sternbergs’ road to Mount Airy on this episode of Retire There with Gil and Gene. Mark is a master carpenter. See videos of the router mill machine he created and some of his handywork at Kathleen is a tour guide at Mayberry Spirits in Mount Airy. To book a tour, which includes a whisky tasting, go to For the real Mayberry deal, visit