Undoing The Undoing
  • philiplmatarese
5 episodes
A podcast about HBO's miniseries "The Undoing" with Aubrey & Phil. They're all so pretty. Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip


The Undoing: Episode 6 (Finale!)
2020 Nov 3054m 50s
All good things must come to an end... Aubrey and Phil recap the episode, reflect on the series as a whole, and pontificate on the importance of loving things.
The Undoing: Episode 5
2020 Nov 2341m 26s
Episode 5: Trial By Fury. We loved this episode and YOU'LL love this episode of the podcast. We recorded it in the morning so coffee was running rampant through our little brains. Everyone's on trial. Some good theories on Kidman. Snack talk. And much, MUCH more! Thank you again to our 20k subscribers- we're rich!
Bonus Ep: Hugh's Calling
2020 Nov 183m 48s
Hugh calls Aubrey. He really wants some taquitos. She really wants him to lose her phone number.
The Undoing: Episode 4
2020 Nov 1653m 9s
Episode 4 of The Undoing: “See No Evil”
The Undoing: Episodes 1-3
2020 Nov 0943m 41s
We cover the first three episodes of HBO Miniseries The Undoing in our first episode. I never get how podcasts start with the first episode, like, you LOVE the show immediately and decide to start the pod? No. It takes three episodes to start the pod. So this is where we begin. Everyone on this show is so hot but the Detective is the hottest.
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