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The Pastor Stephen Podcast is created specifically to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Stephen Carlile shares how we can avoid pitfalls of spiritual complacency and have a vibrant spiritual walk with Jesus.


Can I Get a Witness? Part 1
2021 Apr 1822m 9s
Sharing our faith can be intimidating, and even disappointing at times. But sharing our faith is such a huge part of our relationship with Christ. In this episode, we talk about 5 principles in sharing our faith. Thanks for listening!
I Don't Wanna
2021 Apr 1114m 7s
Wait, I'm Saved, Right?
2021 Apr 0427m 37s
Have you ever wondered if you're good enough? Measure up? Even question whether or not you have salvation? This podcast is for you.
Don't Resist
2021 Mar 2112m 21s
How to Deal with Critics
2021 Mar 1426m 23s
Part 2 of Don't be a Jerk, we dive into how to handle criticism and those who give it to us.
Don't Be a Jerk
2021 Mar 0732m 47s
A critical spirit is completely contrary to the Holy Spirit. In this episode, we evaluate our hearts to make sure we are caring, not critical.
Default Mode:Knowledge=Relationship
2021 Feb 2835m 11s
Pastor Stephen & Pastor Kevin talk about the common misconception that knowledge=relationship.
Beyond the Pleasantries
2021 Feb 2126m 14s
Stephen's wife, Michelle, joins in on the conversation on how to grow closer as a couple as well as to Christ.
Happy Love Day!
2021 Feb 1421m 57s
Friends are Friends Forever
2021 Feb 0730m 33s
Join Pastor Stephen and Pastor Kevin Bruce as they discuss how having a close friend actually helps us in our walk with Jesus.