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Weekly podcast. Every Wednesday find out what all 3 of us have in common. Lifestyle, business and family. Hosts: DJ (Jorge Macedo) , Wig Designer (Velia Juarez), Joselyn Little "El orgullo de la cuadra" FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @JORGEAMACEDO_760 @WIGSBYVEE @GAMBLYN Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/systeminplace/support


EP.21 Watch your words
2021 Apr 151h 34m 11s
Guest what? DJ Tony Kings crashed the system!!! Before anything EXPLICIT CONTENT ahead. We get into the weekend, are things getting back to “normal”? We talk death, life insurance and funeral planning. Escondido talk, renting and buying real-estate. What’s your price and only fans. Hispanic/ Latino community talk, taxes, and investing. Tony shares a little bit about his DJ background. Homeschooling and our kids future. Business talk and more great stuff!! Shoutout Edwin!!
EP.20 Request it from the universe
2021 Apr 081h 3m 25s
System in Place Podcast.
2021 Apr 031h 23m 10s
Welcome to THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PORTAL. Where we forget we're on the mic and just let it out. Join us on the other side of System in Place. Nasty, Little and Vee dab into a chill vibe and connect on a higher level.
EP.19 Express yourself
2021 Mar 2544m 54s
Listen for a chance to win someone eyelashes and a tooth gem ✨  We’re working on our vocabulary!
EP.18 Never stop dreaming
2021 Mar 1852m 2s
System in Place Podcast.    AVAILABLE ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS    www.instagram.com/systeminplace
EP. 17 Shroomin’ in Nature
2021 Mar 1138m 40s
System in Place Podcast.
EP. 16 Nothing is better than nature
2021 Mar 0439m 42s
System in Place Podcast.
EP. 15 Welcome to our Quinceañera
2021 Feb 251h 35m 5s
System in Place Podcast.
EP. 14 Be that person
2021 Feb 1844m 22s
Welcome to SIP!
EP. 13 Weddings & Super Bowl weekend
2021 Feb 1856m 41s