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History through Pope-Colored Glasses


Happy birthdays!
2021 Mar 171m 10s
The Papal History Podcast is on paternity leave until further notice.
Feb 8, 2021 09:54 update
2021 Feb 0841s
0.14 Something About Mary delayed. ETA Friday, but we'll see
0.13 Prepare the Way
2021 Jan 2748m 9s
(Theoretically) updated (alternating) Mondays
0.12 Rome V: Imperium
2021 Jan 1645m 15s
(Mostly) updated (alternating) Mondays
0.11 Rome IV: The Rule of Three
2020 Dec 2953m 50s
(Mostly) updated Mondays
Podcast Update and Christmas Proclamation
2020 Dec 253m 22s
Thank you for your patience. The Podcast will resume a biweekly schedule on Monday, December 28th. Merry Christmas!
Oct 19, 2020 23:56
2020 Oct 2058s
Monday mini update 10.19... thank you for your patience.
0.10 Rome Part III: The War Within
2020 Oct 0657m 20s
Generally update Mondays
See you next week (sorry)
2020 Sep 071m 22s
between new job and the busiest time of year for said job, plus a busted laptop, Rome Part III will be delayed until next week. See you then!
Quick update 8/31
2020 Sep 011m 4s
Quick update 8/31