• James Kelley
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What’s up world! Your man Jay here! Listen, a young guy who’s been blessed and endowed with an Old Soul; a man that has a lot to say, and wants the WHOLE WORLD to hear it. So HEAR ME OUT! This podcast is about everything we as a people endure: Love | Relationships | God, (Spirituality) and a wide range of topics that consists of our struggles, to our Success and everything in-between! Ride this wave with me.. One Love


The Burden of Making The BEST Decision
2021 Mar 137m 42s
Some of the best decisions you’ll see, that you’ve ever made one day, were the ones when you had to fight against yourself to LET GO. Understand that the BEST doesn’t mean the EASIEST. It’s usually the opposite, which normally is what makes them the greatest, in the end.
2021 Feb 2215m 13s
Are you with that someone, and happy with them BECAUSE of them? Or because of how convenient they’ve made YOUR live? Whether it’s romantically or on a level of solely friendship, you have to come to a place where you’re able to tell yourself the TRUTH! What is your, W H Y with being with them? Where does your happiness and/or contentment lie? #SomethingToThinkAbout !
Brothers: It’s Time To Talk And To Heal
2021 Jan 2219m 2s
Family! Sisters! Brothers! — Yeah brothers lol Let’s have a talk man, cause I have the utmost respect for you and how you’re built, (however you’re built), and I just wanna express our LACK of expression amongst each other. We have to do a lot of work, to fix the damage that WE cause which we continue to allow our ego to control. VULNERABILITY isn’t a curse or demonic! We have to grow out of thinking a wolf stands well on their own; wolves succeed and dwell in packs and it’s not until we find the pack and other men who we can entrust with us, (the real us), that we will thrive.. I’ll stop here, but enjoy the episode!! 💪🏾💯
Build Your Backbone 💪🏾
2021 Jan 194m 19s
What’s up, family! *Flash back post*‼️. Guess what time it is... ⏰ it’s time, to GROW. Backbone! It’s time to stand tall, (even if that requires you to stand alone). God got you, so don’t you fret for toooo long! Some things you will ONLY find out, by going through a season, or a trial or dilemma, on your own. It does NOT MEAN that you will always be that, or that loneliness in your life is your portion NO, but it’s simply exercising your faith and stretching your spirit (wo)man out and mature! You got it!
Don’t Take The Bait! 🪝
2021 Jan 1710m 45s
AyeYooYouuu! What’s up family 👋🏾 I just wanted to touch and expound a bit on Potential and how it can, (and has been a TRAP 🪤) for so many of us! *Ladies Especially* There’s only so much we can do with it, as the one who sees it within someone else— I’m a stop here though! ☝🏾Take A Listen!!!
The Right To Choose: Mentorship Edition 📚
2021 Jan 174m 27s
Hey Family! 👋🏾 Jay here back again, simply wanting to share my thoughts and express to you how we, (who lead or mentor or counsel), should NOT be one(s) who give you your final answer. We can suggest, we can weigh your options, we can let you know how we feel about a subject matter but ultimately it’s Y O U who has to make the final decision. You have to make the choice(s) that is best for what you believe is going to work out; in spite of our disgruntled face (lol) or our smiles. We can only steer you CLEAR of what we feel isn’t so savory, but only you can steer yourself toward what you desire the most.... right?! Let’s Talk About It!
Sex is NOT the supplement for the elephant, (argument) in the room..
2021 Jan 174m 46s
Hey family! 👋🏾 Jay here just wanting to touch on how Sex can not be and should not be the answered to our problems in relationships. It may suppress the inevitable sure, but it doesn’t negate the giant elephant that we can only play around and dodge for so long.. We MUST learn and be willing to deal with what’s in front of us? And between us, outright before it ruins more than just a single day and/or night.. So Let’s Talk About It!
W I S D O M ; she can be Beautiful and she can be Rude.
2019 Aug 296m 55s
Wisdom! Is a beautiful woman and she can be innocent... until you two become acquainted. She will lead you where you need, and will hold you accountable when your wants don’t meet what your needs demand. She can have a sense of humor, yet smack you with the truth. She’s a rude girl, but she’s royal and wouldn’t want anything more, than to be by your very side...
Self Reflection
2018 Aug 2312m 26s
Take a moment to acknowledge the person that you are. WHO, are YOU? Are you, YOU? Or are you, THEM? Don’t become indebted to yourself, because you spend everything you have, on everyone else... something to think about.