The Normality Podcast
  • Tom Duckett
4 episodes
"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well"~ Alfred Adler, with this quote in mind this podcast aims to get to know people and things better. In each episode Tom discusses a topic/passion that each of his guests bring to him that he knows nothing about. Aiming to get to the bottom of why they love it and what makes them want to keep pursuing it, whilst simultaneously educating himself and listeners alike.


Episode 4: Charlotte Lynch
2020 Sep 0140m 40s
Tom talks to Charlotte a singer songwriter from Leeds about her creative process her inspirations and what she writes about and for. The state of the music industry during and post pandemic and the challenges that women face, and she plays one of her new songs live.
Episode 3: ZK and Singapore
2020 Aug 271h 10m 48s
Tom is joined by ZK over zoom from Singapore as he attempts to be educated on Singaporean history and politics. Discussions are had about censorship, national service and the impact of the most recent general election challenging all the natural misconceptions many of us have about this economic powerhouse of a country.
Episode 2 : Alice
2020 Aug 0418m 42s
This episode features Alice as our guest, she gives us a tour of her favourite lockdown song and some insider knowledge about the world of climbing. If you're listening through anything other than Anchor then the song won't play apologies . (Also apologies for my audio quality it will hopefully be sorted by next episode if not I guess it'll add to the aesthetic of of the podcast for now 😎)
Episode 1 : Me
2020 Aug 0412m 30s
On this first short episode I interview myself to try and find out what music and TV I liked, as well as the retelling of the classic tale of when I fell into a hole in Canada.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.