• Jonah Urban
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Jonah Urban is a American/Canadian conservative activist and radio talk show host. He is also founder ReachingOut a youth conservative committee. ReachingOut is dedicated to help students learn how to deal with future political issues and help kids fight back against leftist lies. If you wish to support us, give us a follow on Instagram @Reachingout2021 and Facebook @Jonah Urban.


Debunking Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett
2021 Feb 1019m 54s
Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett has been trending on Twitter. This week, Jonah debunks her radical verifiable lie about the January 6th riots. All of this was followed by the congresswoman calling for a mass report anyone posting the hashtag or exposing her.
The Canadian Republican - 2020 election and Socialism
2020 Nov 2233m 43s
In this episode, Jonah dives into more news coverage regarding the 2020 elections and Dominion voting. He also discusses Socialism and how it ties into this election.
The Canadian Republican - Dominion voting, 2020 Presidential Election
2020 Nov 1641m 15s
The newest podcast from The Canadian Republican is here! We dive into news coverage of the 2020 Presidential election and Dominion Voting Systems are the voter fraud that took place. If you're interested in hearing more, or wanting to follow along. Give us a follow @ReachingOut2021 on Instagram. This is where we'll do our best in answering your questions regarding the Podcast and keep you updated with the news. ReachingOut is a youth conservative committee that focuses on helping young adults achieve their goals
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