• Alyssa Haagenson
8 episodes
Buckle up. Seriously, buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Join 5 college students as they embark on a seemingly normal bus trip. Add in a plethora of strange incidents, rocky relationships, no cell service and we're in for a strange ride. But nothing is quite as strange as the disappearance of that bus five days after it departs. With no leads and an investigation that seems to be running dry, one student will do whatever it takes to find out where the bus is and what happened to the people on it. Welcome to The Bus.


Episode 8: Everyone is a Villian to Someone
2020 Sep 2237m 27s
In this final episode, our characters take the fight to their adversaries and risk everything to bring life back to normal.
Episode 7: Compile the Data
2020 Sep 1529m 21s
In this penultimate episode, our characters band together to begin untangling the web they've uncovered.
Episode 6: A Fall From Grace
2020 Sep 0741m 15s
Our characters take a trip to the past to uncover the roots of their predicament. Meanwhile, a struggling company takes drastic steps to solve its financial situation.
Episode 5: Stupid Questions
2020 Aug 3131m 53s
After a series of confrontations and navigation issues, things on the bus go from bad to worse. Meanwhile, Hector discovers the reality of the situation and fights to gain control.
Episode 4: Remember
2020 Aug 1028m 57s
Episode 3: Bus Fumes
2020 Aug 0325m 53s
As Eve and Neil try to make sense of their surroundings, Frankie and Hector theorize as to what's really going on. Meanwhile, Mara's interview brings up ghosts from the past.
Episode 2: Horribly Tragic Deaths
2020 Jul 2724m 1s
As the bus ventures deeper into its journey, a mechanical disruption causes a chain of events that threaten the group's patience and safety. Meanwhile, Mara continues to unfold her side of the story.
Episode 1: The Definition of a Garbage Can
2020 Jul 1715m 7s
Buckle up. Seriously, buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride.
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