2020 Is Teaching Me; St Matts Exeter
  • St Matts Exeter
4 episodes
The team discuss events of November 2020's Lockdown, finding Jesus in the midst of a confusing time.


Episode 4; Jurassic Park Turtles
2020 Dec 0223m
As Lockdown 2.0 draws to an end, the team talk humility, simple faith, and dream about life after covid-19.
Episode 3; Are You Pregnant?
2020 Nov 2324m 5s
Join the team as they discuss gratitude during this third week of lockdown
Episode 2; Sea sick
2020 Nov 1720m 12s
The team talk about how 2020 has challenged and shaped their relationships with prayer.
Episode 1; Toilet Seats
2020 Nov 0921m 20s
Episode 1. The team sit down to discuss Lockdown 2.0, and how we find hope during November 2020.
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