The 508 Gallery Podcast
  • Veselina Tsankova
3 episodes
The world of art is constantly changing and evolving. The 508 Gallery Podcast dives into it with the vital and remarkable individuals who form the industry. From industry professionals to art educators and artists. Each month, we will be speaking to different guests in regards to their personal journeys through their careers and point of view on the future.


Mr Kling
2021 Mar 2317m 38s
Mr Kling is a name used by Norwegian-born, Oslo-based pop art artist Werner Kling, who is self-taught, loves to challenge by making provocative, colourful, funny and political art. He likes to combine words and thoughtful sayings with intense colours...
Chloe McCarrick - Cyanotypes
2020 Dec 1039m 18s
Chloe is best known for her circular cyanotypes, our second episode is about the photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.A conversation about bringing the 20th-century process back to life.Chloe's information:...
Anna F Macdonald
2020 Nov 1147m 31s
Our guest in today's episode is Anna Macdonald - art educator and artist. In a conversation about minimalism, Japanese aesthetics and the future of the art world after the pandemic. Anna's understanding of negative space is a result of her admiration of...