• Jeetendra Kumar Mehta
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Hello everyone. We all know that Newton discovered Gravity we humans on earth under the gravitational force and what is happening in the science field nowadays. Let's uncover the covered part of earth with me. General Knowledge General Science From India and around the world. And many important discussions related to competitive exams. Subscribe Learner's Team. STaRT LisTenInG and stArt LeaRninG


Preamble of Indian Constitution in Hinglish (Hindi + English)
2020 Oct 275m 49s
Preamble of Indian Constitution
Birth story of Lord Ram
2020 Sep 302m 13s
Lord ram is known name for all.
2020 Sep 191m 53s
Hello everyone. This is a little bio of an Indian Scientist Homi Jahangir Bhabha.
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