Feelings of Dreams
  • Rey
36 episodes
This podcast is to share with everyone my greatest poems. I love writting and just want all to hear it.


Walls Break Free
2021 Feb 2353s
Episode 36
Under The Bed
2021 Feb 191m 7s
When something scares you at night
Dead or Alive
2021 Feb 1645s
Episode 34
Play Date
2021 Feb 131m 7s
When you have a weird dream that seems too real
2021 Feb 1055s
Sometimes things are hard to understand
Foolish Girl
2021 Feb 071m 7s
I think the titles says everything
2021 Feb 0443s
When you feel strong like a mistical creature
In The Night
2021 Jan 311m 28s
This is one of my favorite poems
Black Spot
2021 Jan 2849s
I don't know...
2021 Jan 251m 9s
Sometimes falling means we need to get up again and go on with our lives