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  • Pricilla Ramirez
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You know how most days, you worry about or deal with things you know you have no control over...Some days are good, and you have no complaints. You are #blessed. And then other days, you have your hands up asking, "Why do you trust me so much?!" That's what this is going to be like. So, I don't know...Brace yourself, you might hear yourself in me.


Two minute try!
2020 Feb 032m 4s
Sometimes you don't have as much time as you think so you start and hope to get more time later. Enjoy these two minutes of attempting en episode.
New Year's 2020?!
2020 Jan 016m 24s
It's a whole new year?! What?! 2019 was so yesterday! Well, there goes that. No seriously, it's over. Don't look back. Having trouble with a NY resolution? Don't have one! Enjoy this episode cause right now it's all you have to do! Happy New Year! 🎉
Why I Don't Know
2019 Nov 115m 3s
I have finally learned that you aren't alone in your feelings, life situations, common goals, daily struggles, and that's OK! I am here to share my feelings and thoughts so you know that you are not alone. Not today, not tomorrow. If we haven't all been through it, we might one day. Enjoy Why I Don't Know!
Morning Intro ☕
2019 Nov 069m 56s
This episode explores who I am, where I come from, and what I am planning for later. (I said January birthdays, but I meant July.)
Rambling on for about 5 minutes
2019 Nov 044m 51s
It's literally all I'm doing, and oh yeah Lumi (my cat) makes his debut! I honestly don't know what I'm doing, especially by myself, but I think it's time, so why not? Don't be harsh. If you are, keep it to yourself.
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