BOOKED SOLID: A New Canaan Library Podcast for Young Adults, New Adults, and the Forever Young Adult at Heart
  • Samantha Connell, Kathleen Crouse
11 episodes
Join Teen Librarian Kathleen and Adult Services Librarian Sam as they read diversely across the teen, young adult, and new adult genre. Kathleen is mom to Michael the Corgi (an established social media influencer) and Sam is a former Pastry Chef with a love of contact sports which means, anything is up for discussion.


"Another Brooklyn" by Jacqueline Woodson
2021 Mar 1833m 13s
Celebrating our One Author New Canaan visit by Jacqueline Woodson by embracing her unique voice in poetic prose. Kathleen and Sam consider unreliable memory and discomfort reads, upcoming poetry month and summer books.
"Dread Nation" by Justina Ireland
2021 Feb 1942m
Sam embraces a sequel and Kathleen ponders the Zombie Adjacent in a satirical alternate history of the Civil War. Let's get pumped for One Author New Canaan--Jacqueline Woodson!
"Bear Town" by Fredrik Backman
2021 Jan 1935m 18s
A tiny town with super-sized hockey. A master of character study is the best cocktail party wingman. Speaking out and the fall out. Books in translation. Find out about the technicality that keeps New Canaan as the reigning Girls Ice Hockey Connecticut state champions for three years in a row.
"The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes" by Suzanne Collins
2020 Dec 1035m 58s
"Don't believe the hype, it's a prequel." Kathleen and Sam revisit Panem during the pandemic. How did the Hunger Games prequel hold up? Did we grow up too much to go back? Kathleen shares some great read-alikes and villain origin titles and Stand-alone Sam rages against prequels, sequels, and same-plot-different-story approaches.
"Magic Lessons" by Alice Hoffman
2020 Nov 1033m 14s
Our podcast glows up and embraces young adults, new adults, and the forever young adult at heart. Listen in as we discuss Alice Hoffman's latest installment--a prequel in the Owen's family of powerful witches. Let's get excited for Lit Lunch while Kathleen drops a bomb on us.
"With The Fire On High" by Elizabeth Acevedo: YA Book Brunch
2020 Aug 2731m 4s
Kathleen and Sam are back to talk about Elizabeth Acevedo's recent book. Quiet YA and "This is why we can't read nice things."
Nothing by Janne Teller: YA Book Brunch
2020 Jul 3033m 49s
Existentialism. Measured trauma and violence. One-ups-manship. We will burn the tape and keep the ashes.
Sadie by Courtney Summers: YA Book Brunch
2020 Jun 2535m 4s
Murder. Trauma. Souffle. Abandoning Democracy. Join teen librarians Kathleen & Sam as they discuss Courney Summer's Sadie
The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert: YA Book Brunch
2020 May 1432m 9s
Join teen librarians Kathleen & Sam as they discuss Melissa Albert's The Hazel Wood
Munmun by Jesse Andrews: YA Book Brunch
2020 Apr 0227m 2s
Join teen librarians Kathleen & Sam as they discuss Jesse Andrews's Munmun