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Welcome to Everyday Manifesting, the show about Money and the Law of Attraction. I’m your host, Franchelle Caesar, a Dave Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach and former Internal Medicine doctor. My mission is to help women who identify as “Spenders” get out of debt and build wealth, without clipping coupons or living on a strict budget! Join the conversation in The Everyday Manifesting Facebook group. If you like my style, join me for coaching in the Member’s Club at www.EverydayManifesting.club


011: Showing up for yourself
2021 Mar 1120m 10s
Not all days will be easy. Some days you will approach your money dates feeling super-triggered, anxious, and scared. In this episode I talk about what you can do.
010: How much does your life cost? 3 Ways that tracking your finances can save you money.
2021 Mar 0418m 30s
In this episode, I give you the benefits of paying close attention to your finances. I also introduce you to my brand new offer, The Budget Diary Accountability Group. Learn more at http://bit.ly/Join-BDAG
009: Be the Commander of Your Money Army
2021 Jan 2930m 56s
What does it mean to be the Commander of Your Money Army? Listen to this episode to find out how close you are to being in control of your finances. Then come on over to the Everyday Manifesting Facebook Group to join in the conversation!
008: My Pivot From a “Perfect Podcast” (vulnerable message)
2020 Dec 2929m 25s
In this episode I explain why I’ve been disappointed in my first seven podcast episodes and what I’m doing to change them. https://www.EverydayManifesting.Club/blog
007: Where will you be in a year?
2020 Dec 1818m 31s
As the year wraps up, I’m starting to think about what I accomplished in 2020 and what I’m going to accomplish in 2021. No matter when you are listening to this, think about what you will do to change your life in the next 12 months.
006: More Ways to Create Your Future Self
2020 Nov 3019m 9s
Hey! Having trouble sitting quietly to visualize your future self? In this episode I share four other ways that you can create your future self. Also, find links to resources mentioned in the show notes at www.EverydayManifesting.club
005: Your Thoughts Create Your Future Self
2020 Nov 3012m 24s
You know where you are sitting right now? You are here because of what you believed about yourself in the past. The exciting thing is, what you believe about yourself today will create where you sit in the future. Listen to this episode to find out more. And go to www.EverydayManifesting.club for more information.
004: How to Create Your Future Self Avatar
2020 Nov 1620m 31s
This is a story about the time I went from a confident medical resident to a sad, broken, deeply in debt frump girl and what I did to transform into the person I am today.
003: How Thoughts Become Things
2020 Nov 1021m 15s
“If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hands” is one of my favorite quotes from Bob Proctor. In this episode I tell stories of holding thoughts and having them become actual realities. This is a foundational Law of Attraction episode that you don’t want to miss!
002: What is the Law of Attraction?
2020 Nov 0529m 35s
Hey Friend! The Law of Attraction is such a huge topic that I decided that the easiest way to explain it was with a personal story! Listen to today’s episode for my experience with the “Ask, Believe, Receive” philosophy. Enjoy! Don’t forget to tell me your top takeaways in the Facebook group, Everyday Manifesting!