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Talkin Trek is the Star Trek podcast where Dad and Daughter talk trek! Follow actress Brigid Kelley on her journey to discussing different Star Trek episodes with her goofy yet knowledgeable father. It's nerdy. It's funny! Now, let the dad jokes commence!


Episode 35: Night Terrors
2020 Oct 261h 6m 30s
Happy Halloween! Here's a special spooOoOoky Halloween episode for ya! Dad and Daughter along with brother/son talk about TNG's Night Terrors. This episode was referred to us as nightmare fuel...well, you be the judge, but it does have murder, people going crazy, and scary hallucinations. Thank goodness for Data... and Guinan's mega gun.
Episode 34: Trouble with Tribbles
2020 Oct 0548m 56s
Dad and Daughter are back again and talking about the classic TOS Trouble with Tribbles.
Episode 33: Talkin' Conventions
2020 Jul 211h 20m 9s
We're back! And we're talkin' conventions! Dad and Daughter and the Official GTSer talk about their favorite nerd conventions, and Dad interviews his college professor and family friend who attended the first ever Star Trek Convention in 1972!
Episode 32: Phantasms
2020 May 2655m 19s
Dad and Daughter talk Dreams! In this episode we talk about TNG's Phantasms. Data has some crazy dreams, so D&D talk about these crazy pandemic dreams we've been having.
Episode 31: Year of Hell
2020 Apr 201h 7m 44s
Dad and Daughter and the official GTSer are getting through this quarantine with another Voyager episode, " Year of Hell." Oh boy, we sure hope this pandemic isn't a year! We did find a lot of connections with this episode, from "non-essentials" talk, to not knowing what day it is, in this episode about how Red Foreman erases species from time, and his people are in battle with Voyager for a year.
Episode 30: Macrocosm
2020 Mar 3057m 8s
It's a special Quarantine edition! Dad and Daughter are back at it again with the official GTSer talking about Voyager's Macrocosm. It's an episode about a "virus" that gets on Voyager. Too soon? Maybe, but we sure do have fun.
Episode 29: Remembrance (Picard Pilot)
2020 Mar 2458m 20s
Oh boy, Talkin Trek listeners! Are you in for a treat? It's our Shut In Addition of Talkin Trek as this was the first episode recorded during the great 2020 Quarantine. And Dad and Daughter talk about Picard! We go over the pilot episode, how Patrick Stewart is playing Picard these days, The girl who Jason Bourned it, oh and did I mention we talk about Picard? Beware, we were quite in our cups. Lord beer us strength!
Episode 28: Space Seed
2020 Mar 061h 16m 32s
Khan you believe it? We're bringing Botany Bay Back here at Talkin Trek where Dad and Daughter talk Khan's origin story, Space Seed! We discuss what possible lessons were learned from this TOS episode, what really happened in the 1990s, and discuss what it must have been like to hear rumors about this guy Khan for the next 30 years. KHAN!
Episode 27: The Deadly Years
2020 Jan 2251m 11s
Dad says the TOS episode of The Deadly Years is where " Kirk, Spock and company are exposed to a form of radiation that makes them age rapidly. Kirk learns that there isn't any fun in retirement. That's because he doesn't have a podcast." That about sums it up for me! Join D&D as we explore old age together. Be brave, and don't forget to Caucus all you Iowans out there! Vote with your heart. #yeswecan
Episode 26: Family
2019 Nov 2759m 28s
Happy Thanksgiving to our Talkin Trek family! While you're traveling to your family destinations, listen to this episode where we talk about TNG's "Family." Picard goes home to spend time with his brother, Worf's human parents tour the Enterprise, and Wesley gets a message in a bottle from his dear ol pops. Get your hankies out, and have a great holiday!