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Our perspectives on culture and Society as we know it. High energy hosts, passionate debates and most important, good vibes. Nothing is out of bounds or off limits when you In The Rotation.


Episode 19 | The Rotation | GT & Coco
2021 Apr 122h 1m 51s
A lot of sad happening in the world but we bringing the right vibes. Start with a prayer ( (02:00), Realistic Expectations (32:50), Cheat trap (1:05:03), Broken Sexual Selection (1:30:42),
Episode 18 | Dropping double or Nothing | GT & Coco & Yosh
2021 Apr 061h 40m 35s
Episode surrounding relationships with GT, Coco and Yosh.
Episode 17 | The Time We Talked Rare Stripping | GT & Coco.mp3
2021 Mar 221h 23m 15s
Coco has returned and is demanding her time back! Story time from GT (06:29), story time from Coco (17:40), talkin Suki hana (48:20), Coco luv da strippa's (1:00:30),
Episode 16 | The Time We talked Parenting | GT and Courtnie ft Bruce
2021 Mar 151h 49m 16s
Per usual, Coco and GT link up for some fun and debauchery and do not disappoint.
Episode 15 | The Time we Held Men Accountable | GT and Courtnie
2021 Mar 102h 3m 35s
In the spirit of women's appreciation day just passing, the squad has a few topics all surrounding men, relationships and accountability. Calling GT (02:00), Black folks and they women (06:33), who do we blame? (17:07), Baby boy (33:45), how much at fault? (1:07:00).
Episode 14 | The Time we talked Co-opt | GT and Courtnie
2021 Mar 011h 40m 23s
The appreciation for the ladies is over flowing as we jump into episode 14. Talking on the phone (04:50), divorce gate (21:29), Queen or nah? (26:55), Our Story, not Jeanie's (58:00), Accountability (1:17:16),
Episode 13 | The time GT and Court linked
2021 Feb 221h 44m 21s
The Rotation is in full swing. Pulled up to Courtnie's house to throw a couple ideas in Rotation. Big Latto and her name change (00:30), Court gives her opinion on Dani Leigh (05:00), GT gets into his love for Kanye Hate (20:40), Courtnie drops jewels on B.Simones comments (41:15), forgot Amanda Gorman (1:04:00).
Episode 12 | The Time we caught up
2021 Feb 1650m 54s
So much has passed since the last episode. We cant catch up on everything but we gotta start somewhere. Put 5 on some movies just recently released (7:00), the 3 sides to the story (14:50), Called in a friend (31:46) and some more, all in rotation.
The time we had the whole squad
2021 Jan 281h 37m 44s
The whole gang doing what we do best! We showed up to show out on this day!
The Time we had a solo Mission
2020 Dec 221h 4m 18s
We hit 10 episodes finally so its time to do some up-keep! Apologies (1:00), Versuz (10:50),  5 on it (23:30), Fan First (55:45).