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Ophelia and Shade made a podcast that is available on Mondays. So, be sure to tune in on Monday's every Monday when we upload on Monday's. Monday. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sheliaa/support


#4 - How We Became Besties
2021 Apr 1948m 51s
We talk about how we became besties, first jobs, and our beloved pets.
#3 - We Love Bowen Yang
2021 Apr 1248m 6s
Ophelia and Shade talk your ears off about Nintendo games, zodiac signs, and Bowen Yang.
#2 - Big Time Simps
2021 Apr 0548m 8s
Ophelia rants about Big Time Rush while Shade rants about Dinosaurs then we come together to rant about Marvel
#1 - Minecraft 101
2021 Mar 2947m 41s
Shade and Ophelia talks about our childhood tv shows, picking onions from the ground, and getting noticed by Jerry Trainor.
Trailer - iCry
2021 Mar 271m 24s
Ophelia and Shade started a podcast. It'll be available on Mondays. Tune in on Monday. Monday.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.