• Take It Easy
36 episodes
Hey Grizzlies! This podcast is created to have our students take it easy for a couple minutes during these overwhelmingly difficult times. While you're having a break from studying, listen to our podcast to keep your mind focused on our fun discussions, debates, and advice!


Student Spotlight #1: Katy Shin
2021 Apr 1923m 31s
Hi Grizzlies! Today we have come to you with a new segment: Student Spotlights! In this episode, we brought on Katy Shin, president of Key Club and member of show choir to name a few of the school activities she is a part of! Our hosts interviewed her to let all you Grizzlies learn more about who Katy is, some of her quirky aspects, and her contributions to our amazing school.
Ep. 20 | Satisfaction, Ice, and Super Powers!
2021 Apr 1932m 59s
Hi Grizzlies! Welcome back from spring break! We hope it was a great time to catch up with yourself, and that you took it easy throughout the week. Once again, another freestyle episode, but we added a debate at the end! We really hope you enjoy the craziness in this episode, and that you believe shapeshifting is the superior power ;-)
Ep. 19 | Radios, Scents, and Skincare
2021 Mar 2923m 55s
Hey Grizzlies! After your first day back to school (with hybrid learning), things must have been crazy! We hope this podcast will allow you to take it easy for 20 minutes after this hectic yet exciting day!
Ep. 18 | Hobbies, Multitasking, and Newspapers!
2021 Mar 2220m 37s
Hey Grizzlies! Today our podcast hosts discuss picking up hobbies, the different situations in which they are able to (and unable to) multitask, as well as how things like newspapers and physical music have been affected since the rise of technology. With so many things happening in social media and news, we hope this podcast has been giving you Grizzlies a break to take a deep breath and get your mind off of everything for a bit.
Ep. 17 | National Days, Urban Dictionary, and Ducks!
2021 Mar 1520m 10s
Another freestyle, and this time you all get to learn a lot of new stuff about the hosts that even they didn't know about themselves! From learning the national days on their birthday to what their names mean on Urban Dictionary, you are in for a ride! Keep listening to hear more about this, and feel free to interact with us on our socials, too!
Ep. 16 | Thoughts on Going Back to School
2021 Mar 1219m 35s
How excited are you all to get back to school? March 29 is the day we have all been waiting for, and our Take It Easy hosts discuss who will choose to go back, who will stay, and if it is worth it! Keep on listening to hear their opinions!
Ep. 15 | Netflix, Anime, and Music!
2021 Mar 0823m 9s
Apologies to all the Arianators in advanced.. Another freestyle episode, and today the Take It Easy hosts discuss all kinds of Netflix shows (including why Grant hates The Office), Anime (and how Grant just got into it), and music (not to mention Grant hates modern music videos0, haha! Keep listening to hear them talk about their opinions.
What is the Best Core Subject? | Debate Night
2021 Mar 0520m 9s
Everyone in the United States grows up with the same 4 core school subjects- Math, English, History, and Science- but which subject is the best? Which subject is the most useful in everyday life? To answer all those questions-- it's English! Well... some of the other Take It Easy hosts have a different opinion, so be sure to listen on to hear them!
Ep. 14 | Travel, Movies, & More!
2021 Mar 0121m 32s
Happy first day of March! To celebrate, we have another freestyle episode today! Listen on as the Take It Easy hosts discuss movie culture, experinces while travelling, and lots more. We also have a little surprise at the end to give you guys a little extra laughter for today! Enjoy!
What is the Best Kids TV Network? | Debate Night
2021 Feb 2625m 34s
The shows that we watched as kids have affected our lives a lot more than we might realize! Today, our hosts debate over which TV network has the best shows for children, Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, and PBS Kids (which is obviously the best one). Keep on listening to hear about the hosts' opinions!