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Biden's Bypasses Congress On Executive Gun Control Actions.
2021 Apr 0810m 49s
Now that we've witnessed the government being ruled by executive orders, it is no surprise that it has decided  to bypass congress on gun legislation and decided to implement their totalitarian authority which they state that they have authority to do...
Governor DeSantis Stands Against Oppression.
2021 Apr 038m 53s
This episode is about a great Governor who has decided to stand up for his citizens instead of oppressing and enslaving humanity like other of his piers have been doing. Should other governors follow Governor DeSantis leadership that is of  fairness and...
Biden's Executive Orders On Gun Measures.
2021 Mar 2611m 5s
This episode details on the Democratic political  bill on gun control measures that the Biden administration is said to soon sign by executive order.
Border Crisis And The Security Deteriorating.
2021 Mar 2511m 40s
This episode outlines the issues that are going on at this moment regarding the Border illegal crossing at the United States and Mexico border. Is the Biden's administration  clueless or intentionally letting  the border crises spiral out of control.
Mexico Sounds The Alarm Over Biden's Border Policy.
2021 Mar 1113m 50s
Trending politics reported that the left wing Mexican government is sounding the alarm over Biden's border policy, stating that it is "stoking illegal immigration" and "creating business for organized crime".
The 1.9 Trillion Bill Advance Through Senate By A Tie Breaker Vote.
2021 Mar 0412m 30s
The Democrats voted to advance the relief bill that would basically extend the unemployment benefits.The question still remains, will the government  reopen the country back if the relief is prolonged continuously. Will citizens ever get their...
States Defying The Odds And Canceling Mandates/Lockdowns.
2021 Mar 0411m 57s
Missourii and Texas Governors have shown what leadership is when it comes to what citizens need restored respectively.The two governors have defied the odds by deciding to end the unconstitutional  mandates that shut down all businesses, schools,...
Biden Cancels Trump's 'Operation Talon'.
2021 Feb 2413m 3s
Biden has shown that he will go above and beyond in his 100 days in office to the extreme of cancelling every accomplishment that President Trump put in the books for the American people, by cancelling everything that is lawful and upholds the law.
House Democrats Managers Peddling Fake News.
2021 Feb 1112m 9s
Trending politics reported that Democrat house managers were forced to withdraw some of their statements due to them being false on the so called insurrection.
Big Tech In Cohorts With The Impeachment.
2021 Feb 1013m 59s
This episode explains how big tech is contributing to the impeachment by providing citizens information to government establishments i.e Citizens  social media accounts being censored and silenced for having different opinions.