A Couple A Humps
  • A Coupled A Humps
3 episodes
A lighthearted approach to tackling lifes humps head on.


EP.3 Arranged Humps
2020 Sep 3050m 23s
On today's episode we have a great conversation with Jeeva and Sulojana Sam. We discuss their introduction via an arranged marriage and we dive into the topic of how arranged marriage has evolved in Indian culture. The Sams have a highly successful marriage mentorship program and we also take a deeper look into what it takes to have a successful relationship and marriage (arranged or otherwise).
Ep. 2 Military Humps
2020 Sep 0934m 16s
On today's episode we get to learn about Layla and John and their journey from being a young couple in high school to becoming a military family around the world.
The Humps that started it all
2020 Sep 0233m 18s
Sam and Steve tackle one of the hardest subjects right off the bat in this very first podcast. That subject is, themselves! It's not as easy to be vulnerable as you think and they set the ground work for all future episodes.
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