Not Quite Hollywood
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Join Jamie, Alex, and Tim as they delve into the world of film weekly. Every odd episode we each bring a movie to the table to discuss, and every even episode, we do it again for topics. It keeps the show fresh and conversation fun.


Not Quite Hollywood Episode COVID-19
2020 May 02
Well, would you look at that! We came back to share our thoughts on the state of the entertainment world during this pandemic! Just what you need: another reminder of your existential dread! Note: We recorded this on April 4th. Yes, sorry, even when it’s a surprise, it’s untimely. Some of the topic specifics like […]
2017 Nov 02
Jamie blows the whole podcast to smithereens. Find out why. ==Timestamps==   BOOM (Starts at 00:00) Plugs and Close– (4:09)  *Links down below! Download us on iTunes. Now on Stitcher! Follow us on Twitter! @NQHPod On Instagram– Jamie | Alex | Tim Visit Jamie’s blog at GuyOnAWire. Here’s the #52PickUp I mentioned! We Need Movies. ==LINKS== Jamie on Nostalgia Be Damned […]
80- Dead, Sleazy Art Film Producers Get IMDb Credit
2017 Oct 19
The guys tackle the Hollywood Sexual Harassment Scandal, IMDb Credits, LITERAL Art films, and Dead Poets Society. ==Timestamps==   Listener J.D.’s Suggestion!– Dead Poets Society (Starts at 00:00) Tim– Literal Art Films (12:12) Jamie– IMDb Credits & Our History with it (21:13) Alex– Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood Sexual Assault (35:26) Alex Announces His Communal Film! (46:31) […]
79- Blade Running Down a Dream
2017 Oct 12
Fan-favorite, Dan Davis returns as we go dark and brooding this week with both Blade Runners, Super Dark Times (see?), and the lightest of the bunch, our #52PickUp this week: Hocus Pocus. ==Timestamps== Jamie– Blade Runner (Starts at 00:00) Communal– Blade Runner 2049 (14:32) Alex– Super Dark Times (40:37) #52PickUp #41– Hocus Pocus (42:20) Plugs, […]
78- Bad Timing, Alternate Casting, and Expensive Events!
2017 Oct 05
This week the guys tackle some heavy-hitting topics in Ill-timed releases and fancy Hollywood Shindigs and how the independent filmmakers fit in and the most important topic of all: Should Hayden Christensen have been recast? All this and OUR FIRST Email (!), Another GIVEAWAY, and TWO #52PickUp Horror Films! ==Timestamps==  Jamie– Alternative-Casting Options in Film (Starts […]
77- Harry Potter’s Breakfast With Kingsman
2017 Sep 28
This week the guys get real about high school, break Jamie’s Harry Potter cherry, and get ‘Suited.” ==Timestamps==  Alex– The Breakfast Club (Starts at 00:00) Jamie– Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (10:01) Tim– Kingsman: The Golden Circle (18:11) #52PickUp #38– House II: The Second Story (25:47) Plugs, Close, & More! (32:28) *Secret Links below! […]
76- This Podcast is NOT for Arachnophobes
2017 Sep 24
Jamie, Tim, and Alex talk about Darren Aronofsky’s film catalog, then Universal’s Hollywood Horror Nights and finally, we talk the second Halloween-themed #52PickUp, Arachnophobia.  ==TIMECODES== Jamie– Darren Aronofsky’s Filmography (Starts at 00:00) mother! Spoilers (16:20) Alex– Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (28:32) #52PickUp #37– Arachnophobia (43:07) Tim and Alex Share their Spider Stories (46:43) Communal Movie […]
75- Ernest Scared It With Blues, Brother
2017 Sep 14
Jamie and Alex riff on The Blues Brothers, trudge the sewer drains looking for Georgie, and begin Jamie’s #52PickUp Halloween Season with the first of eight Horror Films: Ernest Scared Stupid. ==Timestamps== Jamie– The Blues Brothers (Starts at 00:00) Alex– Stephen King’s It (11:13) #52PickUp #36– Ernest Scared Stupid (23:27) Plugs and Close– (28:49)  *Secret […]
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