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Let's Talk About Self Improvement While Driving


Checking in - 1st day
2020 Jan 025m 40s
Trying to stay accountable, I’ve decided to check in once a week to share where I am and what I need to work on to get to my goal! For the month of January is all about morning routines
2019 Dec 2712m 16s
Fear is the one thing that holds us back, this is my way of committing to myself that I will overcome the fear that is not allowing me to go after the life that I want
2019 Nov 2112m 32s
How to avoid high expectations
The Jerk Who Took My Pen (Rant)
2019 Sep 0112m 10s
How I rescued my favorite pen from being taken by a jerk
Being Kind To People Who Are NOT
2019 Aug 2818m 49s
Introduction to who I am.
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