I am here. Now what?
  • First Here And Now
24 episodes
First here we are...and now what? We will talk about living life, muddling through problems with life worth living. You’ve got this life!


2021 Mar 316m 34s
How to make friends and be a friend ..and always be a friend to yourself.
Self love
2021 Feb 247m 15s
Accepting oneself, loving oneself and loving others....
2021 Feb 048m 43s
Balance..yourself, goals, and where you put your value. Keep your focus and avoid distractions.
2021 Jan 217m 33s
Courage....yes you do have it!
You Matter
2020 Dec 306m 19s
You matter... it is as simply said as that. Find and polish your sparkle then shine.
How to deal with holidays and celebrations
2020 Dec 155m 38s
We discuss how to cope when what we see a celebration to be like, ideally, turns out not that way at all.
I am fine....not.
2020 Dec 047m 15s
We answer that we are “fine” or that we are “good” when we are not. Let’s talk about that.
What Do You Want
2020 Nov 234m 23s
Do you know what you want with yourself or in life.? Guess what...you can always change your mind and that is okay.
Self Value
2020 Oct 307m 3s
Self value and finding your place in this world is the episode topic. Who you are is simply that and you are always enough and valued.
2020 Oct 156m 28s
The word “enough” can mean you have had enough of a situation or life...or it can mean and certainly does mean that YOU are enough simply being you.