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Catalytic Converter Thefts
2021 Apr 0815m 37s
Today's Social Dilemma, it is pretty easy to take steps to assure your care isn't stolen. Now we have a problem, all car owners could be the victim of theft. There is an epidemic of crooks stealing people's catalytic converters. Thieves sell them to scrap yards because they have valuable precious metals inside them. Have you or anyone you know been a victim of this crime? What would you do if you caught someone trying to steal the catalytic converter from your car or truck?
Amazon Delivery Drivers
2021 Apr 0812m 56s
Today's Social Dilemma, Amazon finally admitted that their drivers are so busy they don't always have time to find a restroom when they are delivering packages. Some drivers have posted pictures of plastic bottles they have urinating in. In some ways, aren't consumers partly responsible for these drivers being so busy? People order things online they could easily find at a local store. I don't give Amazon a dime because I like supporting local businesses who treat their workers well, how about you?
High School Student Online Rant
2021 Apr 0611m 58s
Today's Social Dilemma, a 14 year old girl was suspended from cheerleading for a year because she went on an online rant after not making the varsity squad in 2017. With the help of the ACLU, her parents got her reinstated when a lower court ruled that the school district over reached when they suspended her. Now this case is heading to the US Supreme Court. Should a school be able to punish kids for what they say away from school online?
Best Burgers
2021 Apr 0513m 45s
Today's Social Dilemma, a couple weeks ago, I tried a Shake shack burger. It was fine but I think there are better burgers from some of the smaller chains in Wisconsin. Which burger chain, big or small, local chain or national, serves the best burger in the Badger State?
Asian American Hate Crimes
2021 Apr 0512m 7s
Today's Social Dilemma, 3 people who stopped what they were doing and watched a man brutally beat a 65 year old Asian American woman on her way to church have been suspended from their jobs.They did nothing to help and didn't even call 911. When people clearly fail to render any aid when they see that someone's life is in danger, and fail to take any action, should they be charged with a crime?
Have You Been Vaccinated?
2021 Apr 0512m 38s
Today's Social Dilemma, now that Wisconsin has said everyone 16 and older is eligible for the Covid 19 vaccine, what are your plans? Have you gotten your 1st or both shots? Are you refusing to get vaccinated? Do you ask others if they are getting vaccinated?
Should The Homeless Clean Up After Themselves?
2021 Apr 0512m 28s
Today's Social Dilemma, I was in Louisville this weekend, I witnessed a homeless man literally throwing garbage in the street. I turned on the news later in the day and watched this story on how the city is letting the homeless stay in a popular part of downtown but is going to the effort of deep cleaning the area. It occurred to me that we have lost any expectation, that the homeless take any responsibility of cleaning up after themselves. This is happening in Madisin as well, is it time to hold them responsible keeping their surroundings clean?
A Donut For A Shot?
2021 Apr 0511m 4s
Today's Social Dilemma, Krispy Kreme is coming under fire for offering free doughnuts to people who have been vaccinated. Many folks who refuse to get their Covid 19 shot say it is discrimination. Krispy Kreme then decided to offer everyone a free doughnut on Mondays, that set off health fanatics who say they are pushing unhealthy food on consumers. I have a simple question; why can't people live and let live abd mind their own business?
Processed Meats & Dementia
2021 Mar 2912m 5s
Today's Social Dilemma, a new study suggests that processed meat like bacon, pepperoni and sausage can cause dementia with people who eat it on a regular basis. Could you live with out bacon or other processed meats?
Madison Memorial High School Name Change?
2021 Mar 2911m 59s
Today's Social Dilemma, the Madison School Board is considering renaming James Madison Memorial High School. A former student says because the schools namesake and former president was a slave owner, the school should be renamed after Vel Phillips, the first state- wide elected official. This one is personal for me, I graduated from JMM in 1979, While I have great respect for Vel Phillips, I think James Madison did far more good than bad. Our city was named after the president after all.