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#9: Money or Justice?
2021 Mar 251h 12m 35s
Content Warning: instances of violence against women are discussed.
#8: Thin Line To Systems Crash
2021 Feb 221h 24m 2s
In this episode, BSA members Demetrius, LaKase, Ashley, and Glen discuss the Biden administration and recent stock market volatility.
Emergency Episode: Fascists Breached the Capitol
2021 Jan 0935m 58s
On this special episode BSA members LaKase and Demetrius discuss the MAGA and QAnon supporting rioters breaking into the nation's Capitol building.
#7: Pop Left Pandemonium
2021 Jan 061h 47m 10s
On this episode BSA members Demetrius, Glen, Tony and their guest Sadie Farrell discuss the nature of the online Pop Left.
Patreon Teaser: An Alternative To Democracy Pt. 1
2020 Dec 213m 34s
This an introduction to the 1000 Cuts Patreon page and a teaser for the first Prefigure episode, An Alternative to Democracy Pt. 1.
#6: The Obama Betrayal
2020 Dec 071h 25m
On this episode, BSA members Demetrius, Glen, LaKase and Tony discuss the legacy of the Obama presidency.
#5: Systems Change Vs. Representation
2020 Nov 231h 26m 4s
Content Warning: an instance of sexual assault is mentioned.
#4: Be Mindful of the Moment
2020 Nov 111h 18m 35s
On this episode, BSA members Shenell, Tony, Glen and Demetrius discuss the potential for an outbreak of violence during voting for the 2020 Presidential election. Recorded on 11-1-20.
#3: Bottom Up > Top Down
2020 Nov 051h 11m 56s
On this episode, BSA members Demetrius, Shenell and Glen discuss the failures and dangers of hierarchical organizing in Leftist movements. Recorded on 10-17-20.
#2: The Pod-to-Fash Pipeline
2020 Nov 0559m 49s
On this episode, BSA members LaKase, Demetrius, and Tony discuss the reactionary tendencies on display within white Leftist media and how they effect online political discourse. Recorded on 09-27-20.