Mitch Schulte's Ghost Stories
  • Mitchell Schulte
16 episodes
Get cozy and not too scared as your host Mitch reads to you many stories designed to chill your bones


"The Ghost of a Hand" by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
2021 Jan 1517m 19s
A reporter reveals the story of a supposedly haunted house where a lone mysterious hand has been seen terrifying the occupants.
"The Greatest Gift" by Philip Van Doren Stern
2020 Dec 3126m 32s
A specially requested story by Patricia, George Bailey is at the end of his rope until a stranger offers him the chance of seeing his life from a different point of view, if he was never born! This short story is the inspiration behind the immortal classic, "It's a Wonderful Life" and it still holds the lesson that life is the greatest gift one can receive
"A Christmas Carol: Staves Four and Five" By Charles Dickens
2020 Dec 3045m 37s
Ebenezer Scrooge walks with the Final Spirit and sees the horrible future awaiting him if he doesn't change his ways
"A Christmas Carol: Stave Three" By Charles Dickens
2020 Dec 3051m 32s
Ebenezer's quest continues at the side of the ghost of Christmas Present
"A Christmas Carol: Stave Two" By Charles Dickens
2020 Dec 2242m 31s
Ebenezer Scrooge wakes up to find the first ghostly visitor, The Ghost of Christmas Past, ready to take him on a journey through his life that he isn't prepared to see.
"A Christmas Carol: Stave One" By Charles Dickens
2020 Dec 1844m 1s
The immortal classic comes to life in this reading, Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas and all things jovial, but on Christmas Eve night he gets an unexpected visitor with a foreboding message of the future
"The Telephone" by Mary Treadgold
2020 Dec 1621m 21s
A divorced man learns of his wife's passing and his new partner suspects that her spirit still lingers
"The Haunting of Cobblestone Square" by Mitchell Schulte
2020 Nov 2725m 24s
For the first request story, Mitch reads a story that he wrote about his experiences in a haunted apartment with his family
"Playmates" by A.M. Burrage
2020 Nov 2357m 18s
A scholarly man becomes an adoptive parent to a young girl who's happiness is nonexistent. But moving to a new house, her attitude begins to change and it seems they're not the only ones living in the house.
"Elias and the Draug" by Jonas Lie
2020 Nov 2022m 49s
A fisherman incurs the wrath of a Scandinavian mythological creature on the high seas, threatening not only his life but his family's