• Kate Zasowski, Caitlin Reese
21 episodes
Queer comedy podcast answering sex & dating questions, queering the news, and roasting straight and gay culture with your hosts Caitlin Reese and Kate Zasowski.


Episode 21: The Concept of Lowe's w/ Matt Grote & Willie Muse
2021 Apr 141h 20m 18s
Our first couple on the pod! Matt Grote (Awf Magazine) and Willie Muse (CollegeHumor) help us ponder Prince, almost squirting, and email break-ups.
Episode 20: Being a Human is So Hard
2021 Mar 311h 19m 12s
It's our 20th podcast episode!!! Caitlin writes her own Lex ad. Plus, Lil Nas X, boats, and circle jerks.
Episode 19: I Didn't Peg Ya w/ Ashley Ray
2021 Mar 251h 25m 20s
Pop culture writer and host of TV, I Say podcast Ashley Ray joins us! We discuss our Venus signs, photoshop skills, and problematic summer camps.
Episode 18: Raccoons Eating Cereal w/ Ever Mainard
2021 Mar 181h 18m 31s
You've seen them on Netflix, Conan, or perhaps their monthly show What's Your Problem, Sir! And now Ever Mainard is here, to talk about cruises, plogging, and Ren Faires.
Episode 17: No Glove No Love w/ Justin Randall
2021 Mar 111h 7m 30s
This week we're joined by host of We Were Christian Kids, Justin Randall! Justin weighs in on Botox, mukbang, and whether to let people enjoy things.
Episode 16: Potato Head Gaslighting w/ Clara Pluton & Val Nigro
2021 Mar 031h 29m 57s
We're joined by the hysterical hosts of Hot Takes With Hot Dykes, Clara Pluton and Val Nigro! In this raucous episode we cover everything from frosted tips to trans-friendly cookies to Post Malone.
Episode 15: Cat Lady is a Slur w/ Jes Tom
2021 Feb 241h 14m 45s
Jes Tom, host of Netflix social's queer advice show Dear Jes, joins Caitlin & Kate! We analyze pink slime, sex toys, and age gap relationships.
Episode 14: Tops and Bottoms w/ Veronica Kwiatkowski
2021 Feb 181h 6m 46s
We learn why so many of Caitlin's past partners were confused... then stand-up comedian Veronica Kwiatkowski comes by to discuss The Boss, Soul Cycle, and jealousy.
Episode 13: Roses w/ Lorelei Ramirez
2021 Feb 031h 11m 54s
Lorelei Ramirez (Los Espookys, Adult Swim) graces us with their presence to talk Titanic, talk Walmart, and talk shit.
Episode 12: Worm Cuck w/ @Hotmessbian
2021 Jan 271h 7m 26s
Our guest this week is Cheyenne, the sapphic brains behind @Hotmessbian and our partner in our upcoming Instagram LIVE show! We get real about the Bernie meme, serial killers, and how to spot a gay in the wild.