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Sermon Audio from Perth-Andover Baptist Church, NB, Canada. Rev. Michael Fredericks and guests.


What Christians Believe: Resurrection
2019 Apr 2136m 4s
Unlike other 1st century messianic claimants, Jesus wasn’t relegated to the dustbin of history. Why not? And what evidence do we have that his resurrection is not religious fiction but historical fact? If he is, indeed, risen: so what?
What Christians Believe: The Cross
2019 Apr 1546m 25s
How did Jesus die? Why did Jesus die? And how did his death pave the way for my salvation? Atonement Theories are reviewed ... which one is right?
What Christians Believe: Incarnation
2019 Apr 0943m 53s
If the question is “how far was God willing to go for me?” the answer is: the Incarnation.
What Christians Believe: Covenant (God Pursues)
2019 Mar 3149m 25s
The story of the Old Testament as God pursuing those He loves through a series of Covenants. Also takes a close look at Genesis 15 when God “cuts” a covenant with Abram and things get really gory...
What Christians Believe: Sin
2019 Mar 2435m 34s
All of us are affected by sin, but that’s not the whole story. Where sin abounds, Grace abounds so much more.
What Christians Believe: The Dark Side
2019 Mar 1736m 46s
We can’t deny the reality of Satan and his demons. This message explores their origins, power, and tactics. And asks: how should we respond to the reality of spiritual warfare? How do we find the balance - taking the demonic seriously, without obsession or fear?
What Christians Believe: Imago Dei
2019 Mar 1038m 25s
In all of God’s creation, only human beings bear his image. What does that mean? What responsibility do God’s image bearers have? How does Jesus help get us back to Eden?
What Christians Believe: In The Beginning
2019 Mar 0359m 11s
THAT God Created matters more than HOW He did it. Nonetheless, the creation vs evolution debate rages on and divides those who believe in mainstream science from those who take Genesis 1 as literal history. So, what is it? Is it possible to believe in the truth of Genesis 1 and to believe the earth is billions of years old? Are science and the Bible enemies or, potentially, friends? This message examines three main “camps” of creation: 1. Young Earth Creationism, 2. Old Earth Creationism, and 3. Evolutionary Creation.
What Christians Believe: The Triune God
2019 Feb 2440m 56s
The word Trinity doesn’t appear in Scripture, but the Scriptures clearly teach it. What are the main heresies of the Trinity we ought to be aware of? And how does the Trinity show us that “God is love”?
What Christians Believe: The Word of God
2019 Feb 2144m 19s
God has chosen to make himself known. The doctrine of revelation - general and special - is explained. And the question is asked: what is the Word of God?
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