Being Our Best
  • Dale Spencer
3 episodes
Our goal is to help create a clear record of how and where we can improve our lives. We want to help you understand how you can be your best and what you can do to help society be its best. We interview various people to help understand their problems and thoughts about society and how we can improve. The Being Our Best podcast takes an organic approach to cataloguing the problems that we face today. You can think of this as a diary for our society.


2020 Dec 0631m 22s
Today we are talking with John Spencer who has been in the field of medical sales for over a decade. John is my brother and he is very patient about improving the quality of life and positive growth within individuals. This interview has been separated into three parts. This is part 1 of 3. The remaining interviews will be posted soon over the next two days. My notes will be updated with links.
Episode 2: Who is Reponsible
2020 Nov 2246m 52s
In this episode we take a look at several large problems faced by society. I met with Spencer Hauenstein who graciously agreed to be my first guest on the Being Our Best podcast. Thank you Spencer! He is a Test Manager in the field of automated test electronics and also volunteers for both the state and the his city.
2020 Nov 1620m 25s
What type of problems do we face in our daily lives and in the world? Let's take a look at how we can organically grow a record of the problems that we are facing and what we can potentially do to solve those problems. In this episode I discuss my intent to get as many view points as possible by interviewing as many people as possible.
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