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We chat about anything and everything that is Catholic. We're an independent Christian outreach platform based in Singapore.


Doubt your doubts
2020 Aug 094m 59s
If you find yourself often giving angry retorts to words of advice given by family members or close friends, that behaviour may be based on your own assumptions of what they think about you. Find out more about what OXYGEN writer Desmond Soon gleaned from reflecting on the words of Jesus to Peter in Matthew 14:28-31.
The art of interfaith dialogue
2020 Jul 2632m 46s
How can one dialogue with other faiths that have different beliefs and teachings? Father Bruno Saint Girons shares his experience and insights gained from his involvement with inter-religious organisations in Singapore.
Another look at the parable of the sower
2020 Jul 124m 5s
A reflection on Matthew 13:3-9.
Against dumbed-down Catholicism
2020 Jun 2826m 36s
"Catholics don't read the bible." "Catholics don't evangelise." Are you in the least bit bothered by such statements? Or do you laugh them off? Join Nicholas Chui and Edith Koh as they discuss the problems associated with dumbed-down Catholicism in the Singapore church context.
Kintsugi: To bind up hearts that are broken
2020 Jun 133m 59s
In this reflection written by OXYGEN contributor Stephanie Villa, she explores the beauty of God's healing love through the lens of a Japanese artform called kintsugi.
Pentecost - NOT the birthday of the church
2020 May 3024m 6s
"Happy Pentecost! The church was born today!"
Faith & Science - Creation/Evolution?
2020 May 029m 20s
Have you always had the impression that theories such as evolution and Big Bang are not quite in line with what the bible says about creation? If your answer is "yes", then this episode is for you.
Is COVID-19 a wake-up call from God?
2020 Apr 1723m 38s
The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led many to ask the question - Where is God in all of this? Why did He let this calamity befall the world? Is this God's way of punishing us?
2020 Apr 095m 51s
Have you been falsely accused before? The thoughts and feelings that ensue can be very difficult to deal with.
A Quiet Place
2020 Apr 0317m 51s
Being silent by yourself for long periods is not a scary or weird thing.