Being Thankful & Hopeful
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Assalamu alaikum, I decided to leave anchor... I might use it to listen to other people's podcasts:)
2021 Jan 108m 16s
Thank you for listening, I hope all your duas will be answered and I hope to meet you all in Jannah (Heaven) ♡
Family ♡
2020 Dec 1913m 53s
Assalamu alaikum ^_^ First of all, thank you to all those who have come this far to my 22nd episode! Thank you to all those who have recently joined as well :) this episode is just me sharing one of the posts of islam.dawah and thegoodwriters, along w/my own little thoughts on the situations in families today.
How to stop listening to Music #Islam #haram
2020 Dec 1420m 20s
Stay positive everyone ♡ you all deserve the best!
Random Quotes #Relatable #Motivation
2020 Dec 1113m 49s
Hello ♡ I hope everyone is doing well :) enjoy this random quotes podcast
Hello good people! :) hopefully your days are full of sunshine
2020 Nov 2819m 39s
What's ur fav? 🥝🍓🍏🍉🍌🍒 my fav is all ^_^ cherries, kiwi & strawberries & oh ya... apple as well lol
Hello nice humans:)
2020 Nov 2111m 5s
Someone: "let's hope for the best in all situations - alright?" Me: "Yessssssss!" ^_^
Importance of praising the Most Merciful - Allah ♡
2020 Nov 129m 19s
Assalamu alaikum brothers & sisters :) next time you make thikr- remember and appreciate that your name is mentioned in the heavens - Subhanallah! We never know which good deed of ours can save us from the Hellfire. I hope we will all meet in Jannah ♡
Hi:) super sorry for the bad audio quality so please don't listen to this w/ur headphones
2020 Nov 1022m 21s
Just me sharing a lil info on one of my shows at the moment. Hope u enjoy ^_^ Bye!
Procrastinating & other advice
2020 Nov 053m 27s
Hello, wonderful people. Did u put all the effort that you are capable of? If you did, ^_^ Great Job! If not, it's alright b/c we all have those days & procrastinations but let's make sure to place some effort as well as limits in order to show progress.
Hello to all:) I hope you have been well!
2020 Nov 041m 52s
QOTD: Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody ♡