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Created by, and for, fans of Starz's groundbreaking show, P-Valley. The P-Valley Podcast has episode recaps, season 2 predictions, real stripper stories, cast info, music, and much more. Follow us on IG and Twitter @pvalleypodcast. Welcome to the VIP section of The Pynk! Support this podcast:


April Updates: New P-Valley Episodes!!!!!!!
2021 Apr 079m 43s
New P-Valley Podcast episodes are on the way, baby! Hope you enjoy.
P-Valley Episodes Updates
2020 Dec 165m 48s
Sending P-Valley fans and P-Valley Podcast listeners a huge thank you for their unwavering support!!!!
Demi Talks Colorism, Uncle Clifford, & Andre!
2020 Dec 0936m 12s
Demi is a smart and funny P-Valley fan you're gonna love. Find out why she watches the show. Hint, it's because of Uncle Clifford. Hear her explain why she doesn't blame Mercedes for having an attitude, and find out why she doesn't understand Autumn's attraction to Andre. We discuss Uncle Clifford @ 3:00, Andre @ 17:30, colorism @ 27:14, and so much more. Hope you enjoy!
Keyshawn's Boyfriend Derrick Isn't Even Cute
2020 Dec 0238m 36s
Mercedes is a better performer than Mississippi, or is it the other way around?!?!?! Everyone has drama this week - Uncle Clifford, Mercedes, Autumn, and a divorced woman named Lauren. We also meet Keyshawn's abusive boyfriend - my least favorite plot twist of the season. Hope you enjoy!
Mississippi Gives Mercedes' Last Dance
2020 Nov 2631m 56s
Hailey The Scammer gets to scamming, Autumn reconciles with Andre, Keyshawn shines bright "up unda these lights," and Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda surprise us all. I drag Patrice starting @ 25:12. Hope you enjoy!
Trinity Shares A Nasty Stripper Story
2020 Nov 1820m 21s
We asked listeners to share their craziest stripper stories, and a stripper named Trinity shares a story we won't forget! Find out what happened after Trinity's customer told her he likes to get freaky. You've been warned. Hope you enjoy!
Mercedes and Terricka BOMBSHELL!
2020 Nov 1129m 21s
Autumn runs to the hair shop after Uncle Clifford insults Autumn’s hair. Did you notice that? I also get into how difficult it is to build a casino in the bible belt. I discuss “white girl magic," sweating in Chucalissa, safe sex, and Mercedes and Terricka's bombshell shocker! We didn't see that coming. Mercedes was a teen mom? BREAKDOWN (25:00 - 28:10)!!!!!!! We hope you enjoy!
Autumn and Andre's Phone Sex Scene (re-enacted)!
2020 Nov 0432m 6s
We meet Corbin and the racist Kyle brothers. Uncle Clifford needs some help. Hailey The Scammer starts scamming, and last but certainly NOT least, I re-enact the phone sex scene between Andre Obama and Autumn! So funny. You do not wanna miss it! ** (Begins at 28:30) ** We hope you enjoy.
Who is Lakeisha Savage?
2020 Oct 3147m 5s
Lord, save us from Patrice! Find out who I think Lakeisha Savage is. Plus, was the booty battle rigged for light-skinned girls? I’ll talk about how Diamond can get away with anything. I share why I gave Andre the name Andre Obama, and so much more. We're working on the audio editing. Thanks for hanging in there. Hope you enjoy!
P-Valley Season 1 Trailer: Episode Recaps & More!
2020 Oct 294m 45s
Lakeisha Savage, Mercedes vs. Autumn, Keyshawn and Diamond, Lil Murda, Uncle Clifford, Andre... Find out what people are saying about the characters of P-Valley. The P-Valley Podcast has episode recaps, season 2 predictions, cast info, music, costumes, and listener submitted stories. Subscribe today!
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