The 3 solutions podcast
  • Chad and Grady Flinn
2 episodes
Every business needs to consider the 3 solutions; integration, education, and communication when determining a marketing plan. In this podcast, Chad and Grady Flinn (brothers from the same mother) take you through everything you need to know in how to market your business, whether it's online or brick and mortar.


A no BS discussion on website design
2019 Mar 1836m 9s
Chad and Grady lose the formality and get real talking about the importance of website design!
Ep-01: Content is king!
2019 Feb 1730m 11s
In the premiere episode of the 3 Solutions podcast, your favorite brothers from the same mother talk about the importance of content. In fact before you even consider setting up a website you need to consider what kind of content you're wanting to put out there.