Ear Tours- American History
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American History as told by Doug McCormick, a history enthusiast and tour guide. Co-hosted with his daughter who frequently forgets all dates and facts and has no historical knowledge at all despite being related to her father. If interested in getting a tour, please visit www.historytoursamerica.com


James Monroe
2021 Feb 051h 4m 38s
Learn about our 5th Virginia President James Monroe and his many many jobs, some for which he did not get paid.
Episode 8: Colonial Sayings 1
2020 Nov 0317m 13s
Common phrases heard today which originated in the colonial era.
Episode 7: George and Martha Washington
2020 Oct 2837m 11s
Learn mainly about Martha Washington, how George never had children of his own and why.
Episode 6: James Madison and Paul Jennings
2020 Oct 0534m 27s
Learn about James Madisons' relationship with his slave, Paul Jennings, and how he was crucial in assisting to shape of the United States.
Episode 5: James Madison and the Consitutional Convention
2020 Sep 0944m
Learn about why James Madison is called the father of the Constitution of the United States.
Episode 4: James Madison and Family
2020 Aug 0830m 16s
Learn about James and his wife Dolly Madison and his repugnant step son who gambled away almost 1 million dollars.
Episode 3: Thomas Jefferson and Family
2020 Aug 0447m 3s
Learn about Thomas Jefferson and his children both white and black by his wife and by Sally Hemings.
E2U: Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Haitian Revolution
2020 Jul 1444m 45s
Listen to the amazing history of Touissant Louverture and the Haitian (then known as Saint-Domingue) revolution and the tie to the Louisiana Purchase. Follow IG: @EarTours_AmericanHistory. FB: American History Tours
Episode1U: Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates
2020 Jul 0733m 43s
Learn how pirates controlled shipping lanes and how Thomas Jefferson reacted to it.
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