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Hello and welcome to my podcast Loud and Proud with your host ChrisCross! Every week join me as I discuss EVERYTHING THATS IMPORTANT. I'll be talking everything from Pop Culture, Partying, Sex, Love, Friendship and more! So, sit back enjoy your coffee or focus on the road or ignore your children and enjoy! Instagram: @loudandproudpodcast


Ep. 11 You Can't Snatch this Crown!
2021 Apr 091h 4m 44s
Welcome back! This week I'm talking about the drama brewing over Mrs. Sri Lanka and how the winner had the Crown snatched from her head. Oh! Buckle up cause I got a story about how I had my crown snatched. I'm also giving you the scolding hot tea about Khloe Kardashian, JLo and Britney Spears! Enjoy!
Ep. 10 Does the Devil Accept McDonalds Employee IDs?
2021 Mar 3156m 6s
This week I'm back and louder than ever! I'm talking the Lil Nas X controversy and why I am team parents on this. Also, have you heard the Ariana Grande NEWS!? Oh and I tell you a time where I tried to use my McDonalds Employee card as valid ID.
Ep. 9 Megan & Harry's Interview was a Waste!
2021 Mar 1245m 56s
Hello everyone and welcome back to the Loud and Proud podcast! This week I'm giving you my thoughts on the Megan and Harry interview and why I think it was a waste! Piers Morgan left the British morning show and I tell you what parts I agree with and why he's not cancelled.
Ep. 8 #KanyeIsFree and Sherry Pie Should Be Interviewed!
2021 Mar 0553m 59s
Welcome! This week I am talking about the criticism Tamron Hall got for interviewing disqualified Drag Race contestant Sherry Pie. Also, Kanye is a free man! I give my opinions on their divorce and what I think about Megan and Harry doing an interview with Oprah. All this and more! Enjoy!
Ep. 7 My Drunk Christmas Special!
2020 Dec 2455m 22s
Welcome to my Drunk Christmas Special! Yes I'm talking Christmas stories like getting into a fight waiting outside the store and who did I accidently  give a concussion?! I'm giving you Christmas jokes and traditions. Also, is there romantic love in 2020 for everyone? All this and more! Enjoy!
Ep. 6 My Prom Night Disasters and The Rant Heard Around the World!
2020 Dec 1850m 40s
Welcome back! This week I'm talking about my Prom Night disasters and giving you my opinion on the Prom movie. Its the rant heard around the world, Im giving my thoughts on Tom Cruise. Also, what sign is the naughtiest?!? All this and more!
Ep. 5 My Zoom Nightmare!
2020 Dec 1038m 31s
Welcome back! This week I'm talking about a Zoom meeting nightmare come to life! I'm talking about the Selena Series! I give you an honest opinion on the Netflix Series. Also, are you ready for a sexy Colonel Sanders movie? Yep I talk about all this and more!
Ep. 4 Someone Wanted to Sue Me!? Kevin Hart is an Idiot. Child Support for a Cat!?
2020 Dec 0339m 17s
Welcome Back! This week I discuss my opinions on the Kevin Hart scandal, why I still don't care about the Grammy's even though more celebrities have come out. Also, I discuss a story about a woman wanting cat support and a man finding out the lies about his doctor. I bring back my two segments I Dare You To Ring My Bell and Celebrity Shoutout! Oh and of course its all this and more at Loud and Proud. Enjoy!
Ep. 3 I've Got Opinions! - Celebrity Feuds, Awards Drama, The Crown and More!
2020 Nov 2843m 31s
Welcome to my third episode! I'll be talking celebrity feuds with Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun and did Naomi Campbell reignite her feud with Tyra Banks?! Also, I'm watching the Crown Season 4 on Netflix but I got opinions about the Royals.  Also, I introduce two new segments! Frist, my rant segment "I Dare you to ring my bell" where I give you my rant of the week and "Celebrity Shoutout" I could spend 10 minutes talking about this but I rather give it to you straight up...well as straight as I possibly can.
Ep. 2 I've Got Opinions - J Lo is being Criticized!
2020 Nov 2337m 25s
Ahhhh! My second podcast is here!