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  • May Olatoye
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conversations with data enthusiasts and tech innovators.


Switching from MD/PhD to Data Science Polymath - Colleen Farrelly
2020 Nov 211h 1m 22s
My guest today is a data scientist, computational mathematician whose work bridges statistics, topology, differential geometry, and graph theory particularly within machine learning. She is also a published poet, a Xennial with an entrepreneurial spirit and has racked up over 14k responses to questions within the Quora community. If you are searching for responses on anything data science you’ve probably heard about her...her name is Colleen Farrelly!
How My PhD Helped Me Switch To Data Science - Dr C
2020 Nov 1557m 27s
Award winning Data Scientist and researcher - Dr Chantel Perry (fondly known as Dr C) joins us to discuss her decade long career in the field. Dr C's background covers Statistics and Computer Science and she has worked across fields like education, finance and cybersecurity. She is also a STEM advocate for women and minorities, an entrepreneur and recent author for the Data Newbie To Guru - The Visual Guide to Learning SQL!
From Data Scientist To Beauty Techpreneur - Lisa Pegram
2020 Sep 1331m 40s
Lisa is a data scientist, consumer psychologist, PhD candidate at Columbia University and now adds another dimension to her journey as founder/ceo of Belle51 a beauty technology company developing products that work for black and brown skin communities....
Turning Negatives To Positives Using Data - Marcia Tal
2020 Sep 0550m 19s
Marcia started her incredible career building the decision management unit at Citi bank and spent over 20 years within the banking industry. She recently started a data consulting firm Tal Solutions that help clients find ways to utilize data such as...
How To PhD In Computer Science - Uju Okafor
2020 Sep 0434m 21s
Uju was planning to become a doctor of medicine when her path collided with software engineering during her undergrad. She will be completing her Phd in Computer Science at the University of North Texas in 2021 and her areas of research cover human...
Harvard Statistics Graduate To NBC Data Scientist - Greg Tam
2020 Aug 0722m 50s
Greg is a super cool guy and data scientist/principal engineer at NBC. He has an advanced degree from Harvard in Statistics and was curious about how he could apply his love of math to a career in the real world. He built up tremendous experience within...
How To Data Science For Investment Banking - Aditi Vyas
2020 Aug 0721m 14s
Aditi is a super smart Math genius that decided to turn her interests to the world of Data Science. She works in one of the most dynamic data rich industries - Investment Banking and shares her background and insights in this conversation.  I hope you...
How To Data Science At Audible - Aditya Jadhav
2020 Aug 0720m 4s
Adi was an awesome data scientist to chat with! He comes from an electrical engineering background having worked in industry before pivoting with an advanced degree in Data Science from Columbia into the data science industry working for Audible an...
From Theatre To PepsiCo Machine Learning Engineer - Jordy Kieto
2020 Aug 0725m 1s
Talking to Jordy Kieto a machine learning engineer previously at PepsiCo (for marketing and advertising attribution) and now the NBA on his journey from actor to engineer. Jordy also teaches data science at Columbia University his Alma Mater....
The Experts View - 4 Data Scientists Q&A from (Amazon, Pepsico, JPMorgan and NBC)
2020 Aug 0718m 27s
4 Data Scientists from PepsiCo, NBC, JPMorgan and Amazon/Audible answer 9 questions from our data science community. For resources to help you on your data science journey/career visit the website