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We are a group of friends that just want to make people laugh, have fun and forget about everything just for a little while. So pull up a seat and hang out.


23. Oops I Missed
2021 Apr 301h 45m 3s
This week Brandon, John and Tyler talk getting kicked out of weddings, Brandon's crazy driving and John's lack of AC.
22. 4 Margaritas
2021 Apr 231h 39m 2s
This week Tyler, Jorge and Sam get together to give their 2 cents about alcohol, the big businesses and snow cones.
21. In A Podcast Far Far Away
2021 Apr 161h 31m 15s
We have Sam back at the Accidental headquarters, Jorge with his takes on who is better between Marvel and DC. As always Tyler is the host and talking his lack of Star Wars knowledge.
20. H is Silent
2021 Apr 102h 5m 19s
We have another week of podcasting, we have Najee, John, Jorge and Tyler. We are all a little lit and having fun. We talk shopping in Mexico, drinking in Houston and accents.
19. We Lied Its Longer
2021 Apr 031h 33m 32s
This week Tyler and Brandon accidentally make a full episode out of a 30 minute one. We talk danger, going to concerts and dogs.
18. Fresh Pineapple Scent
2021 Mar 281h 36m 7s
Hello everyone this week we have another friend on the podcast Najee! This week we talk how parmesan smells, dreams of friends passed, our favorite bars in Houston and drinks.
17. Silly Sam's Sticky Situation
2021 Mar 201h 44m 16s
Oh Sam... here we go again. You'll thank us later. This week we have Travis, Jorge, Sam and Tyler talking haunted houses, ghost hunting, the unintended symptoms of COVID and the crazy dreams.
16. Are We Old Now?
2021 Mar 131h 41m 2s
Have you met.... Sam? This week on the podcast, we talk about the freeze, Sam has beef with with Brandon and Jorge wants to make secret alcohol.
15. Lofi Baby Arms
2021 Mar 061h 7m
Its another double feature, on the first half we ponder if we would rather have baby arms versus nothing. On
14. Mom Fights and Phobias
2021 Mar 051h 24m 28s
This week we have Jorge starting fights, Aira wants a pet snake and Tyler is scared of literally everything.