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WADE RATHKE is the founder of ACORN, Chief Organizer at ACORN International, and Author of "Citizen Wealth", "Global Grassroots", and "The Battle for the 9th Ward".


The Bolivian Election Mystery
2020 Nov 203m 27s
New Orleans       In the United States now we wait and watch while President Trump stoops to historically new lows in trying to subvert the vote of the people and resist the inevitable that he lost the election to Biden at the Electoral College and by a more than a five million vote drubbing.  Having …
Hipsters of the World Unite
2020 Nov 192m 53s
New Orleans      Hipsters are absolutely not taking over the world, but it’s hard not to find them almost all over the world.  MoveHub, an international shipping company got some free marketing buzz by putting out a “hipster index” over the last couple of years.  They use five factors:  coffee shops, record stores, tattoo parlors, …
Clock Ticking on Trump Expiration Date
2020 Nov 182m 47s
New Orleans      The Trump meltdown is going from the dangerous to the ridiculous to the absurd now, and then back again to the dangerous.  Everyone knows Trump has lost, but the foot dragging of sycophants fearful of tweeting reprisals continues to attempt to try to disguise the fact that the emperor no longer has …
Macron Protests Too Much on Anti-Islamic Actions
2020 Nov 173m 26s
New Orleans     Ben Smith, formerly of Politico, joined the New York Times over the last year as their media columnist and has quickly become a must-read in my book.  His sources are amazing, his scoops unique, and his perspective wide-ranging and invaluable.  The Times seems to know this, not only because they give him …
Essential Workers and Pay Equity
2020 Nov 162m 51s
New Orleans      In a moment of youthful recklessness more than fifty years ago, I allowed myself to get into one of those dangerous political conversations with the father of a woman I was seeing.  He was a good, decent guy and Republican to the core, even in those days when Louisiana was deep, deep …
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