I PROMISE, I'm Trying
  • Tabithalynn
14 episodes
TRYING one situation at a time. Tabitha takes you on a journey of self discovery and self love.


I Promise I'm Trying - To Be the Main Character
2021 Mar 0533m 32s
On episode 02 of season 02 - we discuss what it means to actually be the main character of your narrative and how to kill people off. Yeah, we're going there.
2021 Jan 2535m 47s
Season 2 is finally here and I hope you're as excited as I am. Coming fresh out of 2020 - we're ready to come at this podcast hard and heavy. Also - I say, "umm" A LOT this episode. Take a shot every time you hear it (responsibly)
Happy New Year - Special Edition
2021 Jan 019m 39s
This isn't the second season - but me coming on here and saying we made it. I look forward to showing the fuck out with you all this year. Stay tuned for the second season coming this February 2021!
The End
2020 Dec 0727m 31s
*PREVIOUSLY RECORDED* The last few episodes had been previously recorded (by the grace of God) as I was going through medical issues with my voice box. Please don't judge. But we made it! We made it to 10 episodes - so please enjoy the season 01 Finale of I PROMISE, I'm Trying
And I'm Telling You - I Don't Want To
2020 Dec 0231m 12s
*PREVIOUSLY RECORDED* Tabithalynn discusses why she suddenly changed course in her career and how to deal with switching up on yourself.
Radical Researchers
2020 Dec 0154m 32s
*Previously Recorded* On this episode, Tabithalynn is joined by her best friend Tomonique Mixon to discuss the wonders of the world: the moon landing, gravity, Tupac's death - you name it.
UPDATE: Still Broken
2020 Nov 2118m 55s
Tabithalynn comes back and gives an update on what's being going on - not much. She also discuss the issue with traveling for the holidays and the end of Supernatural.
2020 Nov 1441m 44s
(TRIGGER WARNING: This episode deals with depression, mental health, and suicide. PLEASE DO NOT feel like you have to listen. Take care of YOU first.) Tabithalynn discusses self love, self harm, and shares a story that changed the way she saw herself for the past few years.
I'm in Love feat. Keith Verdon Grant
2020 Nov 1226m 9s
Tabithalynn discusses falling out of love with someone to make room to love someone else with the help of her close friend Keith Verdon Grant. Follow him here: https://instagram.com/mr_verdon?igshid=1pco7q68a65wn , https://www.facebook.com/JusKEITH , SNAPCHAT: mr_verdon
I'm Having A Mental Breakdown
2020 Nov 0724m 50s
On this episode, Tabithalynn discusses where she's at mentally and the issues she has with the TWILIGHT franchise. HOST NOTE: I've been sick for the past few weeks and can no longer speak without feeling discomfort. At this time, this will be the last podcast until my voice box is feeling a bit better. I love you all, and thank you for the support.