• Linc Thomas
5 episodes
Lean in and give a listen to what I and others are leaning into. Say that 10 times fast.


Leaning In - Back to the drawing board
2020 Aug 207m 57s
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to give your boss the what-for? That's what I did - just not to my real boss.
Leaning In - Cycling In
2020 Jul 0941m 18s
I sit down with Cassady and discuss breakups over barbeque, cycling, and inequality. We solve the problems.
Leaning In - Calling
2020 Jul 037m 22s
I lean in - you lean in
Leaning In - Leaving LinkedIn
2020 Jun 268m 41s
LinkedIn sucks - so I left.
Leaning In - Episode 1
2020 Jun 1910m 24s
We're all leaning into something. Here's what I'm doing.
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