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2021 NFL Draft Recap, Biggest Steals, Biggest Busts, Biggest Surprises, and Team Grades
2021 May 0556m 40s
This week, we break down the 2021 draft by discussing the biggest steals, biggest surprises, who we think will be this year's bust, and overall draft grades!
1st to 4th's First Mock Draft, Brought to You by Mockout
2021 Apr 211h 3m 27s
This week's episode is the final episode before the 2021 NFL Draft! Is there someone you think we missed? Did we pick who you wanted? Let us know!
1st to 4th Best WRs by Division. Is A.J. Brown better than D.K.? Is JuJu a top 4 WR in the North? Who is the greatest WR of all time?
2021 Apr 061h 21s
This week's episode, we talk about the top 4 WR from each division. Ripley still thinks A.J. Brown is better than D.K., Nate thinks the 2020 draft class is the greatest ever. Who are your favorite WRs? Who is your GOAT?
1st to 4th Best and Worst Pickups of the Offseason... So Far
2021 Mar 2345m 15s
On this episode, we discuss, in our opinions, the best and worst additions of the 2021 NFL offseason. There will be some shocking and not-so-shocking answers in each of these categories!
1st to 4th Best QBs by Division and Top 16 QBs by Conference. Dak's Deal gets Broken Down.
2021 Mar 091h 8m 48s
On this week's episode, Ripley and Nate break down each Quarterback's style of play from the past season. How would you list the QBs? Which one is your favorite?
Off-Season Overview w/ Baylee Bennett (Where will Dak and JJ Watt end up? Who won the Goff-Stafford trade? Who won the Wentz trade?)
2021 Feb 231h 3m 12s
This week, Ripley and Nate bring on special guest, Baylee Bennett. They talk about the winners and losers of each trade that has happened so far and discuss where Dak and JJ Watt end up!
Tom Brady wins his 7th and leads the Bucs to a Super Bowl. Are the NFL Honors a popularity contest (Who was the worst snub?)?
2021 Feb 0838m 41s
On this week's episode, Nate and Ripley talk about Tom Brady's seventh Super Bowl victory and the Chiefs' and Bucs' performances in Super Bowl LV. We also talk about the NFL Honors and how some players deserved some awards.
NFL Conference Championship Weekend! Tom Brady leads the Bucs to their first Super Bowl appearance since '02. But will that be enough to stop Andy Reid and the red-hot Chiefs?
2021 Jan 2651m 13s
This week, Ripley and Nate talk about the NFL Conference Championship games between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers, and the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Who do you think wins the Super Bowl?
Divisional Round Weekend. Rodgers and the Packers send the Rams home packing, Josh Allen leads Bills Mafia to the AFC Championship, Tom Brady and the Bucs send the Saints home, KC wins with Chad Henne
2021 Jan 1957m 57s
This week, Ripley and Nate discuss the success of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, how Josh Allen lead the Bills to their first AFC Championship since 1994, Tom Brady proves that he can keep winning in a different conference, and how the Chiefs survive by the grace of Chad Henne. Who will move on to the Super Bowl? (1st to 4th Podcast is looking for guests for offseason shows! If you are interested please DM us on Instagram @1stto4thpodcast, or @ripleyyoungblood).
Super Wild Card Weekend! Taylor Heinicke shows out for the Football Team, Bills win their first playoff game since 1995, Seattle sucks in the playoffs, Browns move on!
2021 Jan 1256m 43s
This week's episode, Ripley and Nate discuss Taylor Heinicke's killer performance against the Bucs (Does he deserve a roster spot?). Josh Allen and the Bills move on for the first time since 1995. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks can't win in the playoffs anymore, but why? (The curse of Ashton Meem). The Browns are the Browns, and win their first playoff game since 1994, and get their first ROAD playoff win since 1969.